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Freight forwarder in China to USA
Apr 30,2022

Freight forwarder in China to USA:


China is the factory of the world and has been for many years. While the U.S. is increasingly inclined to shorten supply chains and increase domestic production, trade opportunities between East and West giants are unlikely to diminish anytime soon.


There are many articles about sourcing from China. However, there is less information on the practicality of sea and air express from China to the US. We aim to change that by giving you some practical guidelines for using either mode of transportation.


Do you want to start exporting from China to the U.S. by air express, or do you want to simplify your ocean freight business? Either way, Dantful has plenty to help you be more successful in your shipping journey from China to the 50 major U.S. states.


Shipping forwarder China to USA

Shipping agent from China to USA:


Smaller Container Load (LCL): For smaller shipments, you can send ocean freight as a LCL. In this case, your freight forwarder will consolidate it with the other shipper's cargo and hire a carrier to ship it from China to the US in containers.


Full Container Load (FCL): If you are shipping enough quantities to fill a container, Full Container Load (FCL) freight service will save you money compared to LCL shipping. FCL means that your cargo will occupy the container alone. Also, you should be able to ship your shipments from China to the US faster without having to do LCL/unboxing.

Freight forwarder in China to USA

China to USA freight forwarder:


If you don't want to wait weeks for your shipment to cross the ocean from China to the US, Air Express will cut the transit time to just a few days, albeit at a much higher cost.

Dantful Logistic has been engaged in the international Shipping agency business for more than ten years. We will provide safe and reliable Shipping routes from China to the United States according to your country. Contact us to get the lowest price.