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Industry news
What specific services can international freight forwarders provide?
May 24,2022

When we have a large number of items that need international freight forwarders to help me import and export the goods, the timely arrival of the goods has become a crucial condition for the development of the enterprise.


When the goods arrive on time, they will not be lost, damaged or stuck in customs. At this time, we control the transportation cost while meeting the customer's expectation that each order arrives on time.


In the process of choosing a freight forwarder, you need to explain your shipping requirements for your logistics partner. You can also communicate these requirements clearly and concisely in the form of a document. At this time, according to your requirements, the freight forwarder provides the transportation plan in the preliminary evaluation. If the transportation plan they provide is no problem, you can also determine the choice of the partner.


Freight forwarding companies can usually cooperate with you to complete the following tasks:

Assistance with freight quotes and costs for international shipping
Provide a detailed list of expenses
Book cargo space for planes, ships, trucks and other modes of transport
Document requirements for all foreign destinations provided to shippers
Prepare shipper's documents, banking and other paperwork necessary in transactions
Process shipping documents as needed and handle all necessary certification and legalization procedures
Distribute documents to necessary parties in the transaction (banks, ,suppliers, etc.)
Arrange for U.S. and/or foreign customs clearance and pre-shipment inspections, if necessary
Provide overseas storage facilities
If required, provide information on hazardous materials
Arrange insurance if necessary
Provide other professional services if required