Air freight cost from China to USA

Air freight cost from China to USA

After the closure of Shanghai, China, as the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology announced the latest guidelines for the resumption of work and production, the industry estimates that the volume of seaborne cargo will increase rapidly starting in May. Recently, a number of shipping companies announced that from May 1st Increase the “Gross Rate Surcharge” (GRI) on the Asia-U.S. trans-Pacific route.


The adjustment of the shipping price this time is based on the unit of FEU (40-foot standard container), and a surcharge ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 US dollars will be levied. Based on the increase in the freight rate, it is approximately equivalent to 10% to 20%.


Air shipping from China to USA cost:


In addition to shipping, the air transport market is also not optimistic. Affected by the epidemic, a large number of cargo flights at Shanghai Airport have been cancelled, and goods have been diverted from Shanghai to South China and other places. The two major airports in Guangzhou and Shenzhen have successively issued notices to stop accepting goods, enter limited quantities of goods and make adjustments for delivery.

Air shipping from China to USA cost


Air freight from China to USA cost:

The cost is calculated from the weight of the goods, divided into volume weight and physical weight, and finally calculated by the heaviest weight, for example: the size of a package is: 85cm*65cm*35cm, the weight of the goods is 20KG, and the volumetric weight requirement is : 1:5000. Volume weight = (85*65*35)/5000=38.68KG, then the air freight weight of the goods is calculated as 39KG.

Cost of air freight from China to USA


Cost of air freight from China to USA:


Different weights and sizes, different product names, and different categories of goods have different freight rates. The air freight price level is divided by weight. Above 500KG, 300KG, 100KG, 45KG, the more weight, the more favorable the unit price.

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