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In today’s global market, Amazon FBA has become a vital component for individuals and businesses selling goods on Amazon worldwide. Recognizing this, Dantful has leveraged its years of experience in international logistics and established a dedicated team specializing in global Amazon FBA cargo transportation, customs clearance, and delivery services. Our team is committed to ensuring the timely and secure transportation of cargo to shipping from China to Amazon warehouses worldwide, whether by sea or air.

We take pride in offering full tracking capabilities, reliable transit times, a global service network, and tailored logistics solutions as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. To maintain accuracy and attention to detail, we assign a dedicated staff member to oversee each customer’s cargo, ensuring the avoidance of mixing boxes and guaranteeing precision throughout the process. Additionally, we have fostered long-term partnerships with local trucking companies to provide safe, timely, and efficient delivery services.

Furthermore, our extensive overseas customs clearance network and expertise in handling DDU/DDP services enable us to assist Amazon FBA sellers with seamless customs clearance procedures. Our aim is to provide a hassle-free experience for sellers utilizing Amazon FBA services.

Why choose us?

  1. Personalized customization: We offer intimate and tailored services to meet your specific needs.
  2. Customs clearance guarantee: We ensure smooth and efficient customs clearance procedures.

  3. Safety and efficiency: We prioritize the safety and efficiency of your cargo transportation.

  4. Best pricing: We strive to offer competitive and cost-effective pricing.

When it comes to Amazon FBA logistics, choose Dantful for a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution.

  1. How to ship products to Amazon FBA
  2. Shipping to Amazon FBA
  3. How long it takes for Amazon FBA to ship from China
  4. Why choose Dantful Logistics China Amazon FBA Services

Freight forwarding company

China freight forwarding company since 2008.

Dantful provides international freight forwarding services for import and export of all types of goods.

On time: We provide reliable and economical logistics services for companies with unique transportation needs.

Best air cargo from China

As one of the best air cargo forwarder in China, we have close cooperation with the world’s top 50 airlines, including China, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. Australia, Canada, the Middle East. Providing air freight to every country and airport is simple and efficient. Dantful offers low-cost air transportation in the Chinese shipping market, even during peak season, to guarantee the available space for your cargo.

It is possible to provide air cargo services through Air Cargo International to transport goods from airports in China to all parts of the world through international air carriers.

How to ship products to Amazon FBA

How to ship products to Amazon FBA​

Shipping to Amazon FBA(Amazon Delivery) involves several steps. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Set up an Amazon Seller account and sign up for FBA.
  2. Create a shipping plan in your seller account by specifying the products to send to the Amazon FBA and the amount of each product.
  3. Prepare your products according to Amazon’s guidelines, including labeling, packaging, and bundling requirements.
  4. Generate shipping labels and packaging labels for your products through the Amazon system.
  5. Ship your product to a designated Amazon FBA fulfillment center through an Amazon FBA freight forwarder – DantfulLogistics
  6. Keep track of your shipment to ensure the time it arrives at the Amazon FBA center.
  7. Once your products have been accepted and processed by Amazon, they will be sold on Amazon Marketplace.

It is important to note that Amazon has strict guidelines and requirements for shipping FBA, and failure to comply with these requirements may result in delays, fees, or rejection of your products. It is recommended to work with a reputable Amazon FBA freight forwarder or logistics provider who can help you optimize your shipping strategy and keep costs as low as possible. Baston Logistics has a proven track record of providing excellent service to its customers. Our team of experts is equipped with Amazon’s FBA policies and guidelines, skills and the necessary resources. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our valued customers

Shipping to Amazon FBA

Shipping to Amazon FBA​

As a Chinese freight forwarding company with 12 years of logistics experience, DantfulLogistics has established partnerships with well-known global shipping companies such as CMA, ZIM, WAN HAI, COSCO, EVERGREEN, OOCL, MSC, etc.

We have considerable advantages in door-to-door shipping from China to Amazon, from booking, customs clearance, customs clearance, tax payment one-stop solution, save you the trouble of customs clearance, customs clearance, after the USA customs release, by the local UPS/FEDEX express company or truck company to Amazon warehouse, effectively reduce the cost and time of customers.

From China to Amazon FBA USA, Baston Logistics provides 14 days express arrival service for Marston Sea freight and 30 days arrival service for general sea freight

Express Marston Marine: Containers are loaded in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Ningbo, Yiwu, sailing every Wednesday from Shanghai, 9-11 days to Los Angeles seaport, 3-5 days to UPS or fedex.

Normal sea line: The normal sea line mainly relies on MSC and EMC shipping company transportation, starting from Yantian, sailing every Friday, arriving at Los Angeles harbor in 14 days, shipping to UPS within 3-5 days, without customs inspection, handled by UPS and finally shipped to Amazon warehouse.

Future: Recipients are not anxious with shipping times, competitive prices, including tariffs

The best way to get from China to the United States with Amazon fba (Amazon fba Shipping)

Express shipping

Each express offers 2-3 levels of price with different delivery times

Such as fedex, UPS, DHL

Office 5.7-5.80 USD/kg, 3 days delivery

Then quote $5.8-5.9 / kg for 7 days delivery.

Air + local express delivery

Air & Express delivery from China to US airports (DHL, UPS, FEDEX)


Western United States: $4.5-5 / kg

Eastern United States: US $4.7-5.20 / kg

Future: Rates are cheaper than express, and overall, still fast, including tax

Delivery time :10 days

Shipping by sea + local express

Shipping and express from China to US seaports (DHL, UPS, FEDEX)


Western United States: $1.4-1.55 / kg

Eastern United States: $1.7-1.85 / kg

Future: Recipients not in a hurry with shipping times, competitive prices, including tariffs

Delivery time: 20-25 days after the ship leaves the Chinese port

Shipping by sea + Local truck delivery

From China to U.S. seaports, delivered by a local trucking company

Us West: $138- $170 /CBM

Eastern United States: $194-230 /CBM

Future: Lowest prices and longest lead times relative to other modes of transportation. Tariff-free

Delivery time: 25-45 days after the ship leaves a Chinese port

FCL shipping by sea + local truck delivery


Us West :$3464/20ft container, $3998/40ft container

Future: Low prices, longest lead times relative to alternative shipping methods. Full box charter.

Delivery time: 25-45 days after the ship leaves port

For more information on Amazon FBA shipping rates, please contact us at Contact-US

How long it takes for Amazon FBA to ship from China

Shipping country

Sea Shipping 

Air Shipping 


15-20 work days

5-10 work days


20-25 work days

5-10 work days


15-20 work days

7-10 work days


20-28 work days

7-10 work days


7-10 work days

2-5 work days


7-10 work days

2-5 work days

Middle East

7-10 work days

2-5 work days

Countries we do Amazon Shipping from:

When shipping to Amazon FBA(Amazon Delivery), there are certain requirements that must be met to ensure that your product is received and processed by Amazon without any issues. Here are some of the key Amazon FBA shipping requirements:

  1. Product label: Each product must have a scannable barcode that corresponds to its Amazon listing. Amazon offers two product labeling options :FBA Labeling Services and Merchant Fulfillment Network (MFN) labeling.
  2. Packaging requirements: The product must be securely packed to prevent damage during shipping. Amazon has specific packaging requirements for each product category, which can be found in the Amazon Seller Center.
  3. Shipping Label: Each box or pallet shipped to Amazon FBA must have a unique shipping label that includes the Amazon FBA shipping ID, box or pallet contents, and destination warehouse information.
  4. Shipping Method: Amazon requires that all shipments to FBA be sent through their partner carrier, such as UPS or fedex.
  5. Shipping Plan: All FBA shipments must be created through Amazon’s Seller Center platform, using the “Send/Restock” option. This way you can create and manage your shipping plan, print shipping labels, and track your shipments.
  6. Preparation for Shipment: Before shipping your products to Amazon FBA, you must ensure that they are properly prepared and packed according to Amazon’s requirements.

It is important to follow these requirements to the letter to ensure that your products are received and processed by Amazon without any problems. Failure to meet these requirements may result in additional charges or delays in processing your shipment.

Why choose Dantful Logistics China Amazon FBA Services

Amazon FBA China Freight forwarder, we are aware of Amazon’s Terms of Service and packaging and shipping guidelines and keep up with changes as they occur, so we will ensure that your order is packaged, labeled and shipping requirements are accepted by Amazon.

Our background and experience enable us to provide you with the fastest, safest and most cost effective route to ship your goods to Amazon.

We also connect directly to FBA distribution centers via computer systems and are in daily contact with warehouse representatives.

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