Faqs when transporting goods from China to Iran

Faqs when transporting goods from China to Iran

Faqs when transporting goods from China to Iran 

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1. How do I ship my product from China to Iran?

How do I ship my product from China to Iran? 

Professional freight forwarders well manage goods imported from China to Iran. In Iran’s international business, such agents are known as Iranian freight forwarders. Since the Iranian customs system is somewhat complex, a shipping agent or clearing broker must be efficient and in good contact with customs officials.

They will handle all procedures on your behalf. As an importer or wholesale buyer, you will have to discuss with a number of shipping agents or clearing brokers to compare shipping costs. In addition to this, you must also understand the tariff rates and regulations for the items you are interested in importing from China to Iran. Many shipping companies offer shipping services from China to Iran. You can take advantage of their services according to your needs, considering times and rates.


2. Is it possible to ship from China to Iran?

Yes, but there are some restrictions. You should consult a shipping agent to confirm importing that particular item in Iran. Commonly prohibited items are:

  • Porn
  • Furs
  • Ivory
  • Artwork
  • Playing Cards
  • Plant products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Hazardous materials
  • Gambling equipment
  • Publications for public resale
  • Radar equipment (transmitter/receiver)
  • Military equipment Petroleum products Perishable items
  • Hazardous or flammable materials (as defined in IATA regulations)


3. How much does it cost to ship from China to Iran?

How much does it cost to ship from China to Iran? 

Your shipping agent will calculate the final shipping cost of the package. The cost depends on the type of item, the mode of transportation, the quantity, and the duty rate.


However, for more information, we can mention the cost of shipping from China to Iran. Shipping packages from China to Iran cost US $15 to US $25 per cubic meter FOB.


For 20-foot container cargo, the FOB cost from Guangzhou in China to Bandar Abbas in Iran is about $2,000.


4. Is there a DHL express from China to Iran?

Yes. DHL Express provides excellent service from China to Iran. They offer different options to suit your best match. Iranian Customs has certain conditions required for importers. Efficient freight forwarders will guide you in this regard.


5. How much does DHL International Express cost from China to Iran?

DHL has a very simple tool for determining the cost of shipping from China to Iran. The online tool, DHL Capability Tool, is easy for everyone to understand.


For example, to find shipping costs for DHL Global Express, you have to enter the port of loading and the port of destination. You will then have to enter the weight, dimensions, and quantity of the package.


After pressing the search button, the cost of your package will be immediately displayed. The DHL website also offers a quote for your shipment and a tracking feature.


6. How long does it take DHL Sea freight to travel from China to Iran?

You should always take into account that it is impossible to determine the exact time during the shipping process. It usually takes about 15 days to air a package from China to Iran.


It may vary depending on many circumstances, such as the holiday season or any emergency at any time. On the other hand, it takes about 35 days to travel by sea from Shenzhen, China, to Bandar Abbas.


7. What are the advantages of China’s air shipment to Iran?

If you need fast delivery in your city, air freight is the right choice. The freight journey from China to the Islamic Republic of Iran takes about 10 hours.


Several flights a week depart from China to Iran. It would be best if you matched these flight schedules. Your freight forwarder can inform you exactly.


The main advantage of air freight is fast delivery, but it has several other benefits. Keeping your package safe is also an important perk. If your product is intended for sale, then handing it over as early as possible is important for returns.


8. How is the air freight cost calculated for shipping from China to Iran?

There are two systems for calculating freight costs. One is based on weight, and the other is based on volume. Each package is calculated in two ways. You must pay the higher bill for these two calculations.


If you check the official DHL website for air freight costs, they will ask for the weight of the package. At the same time, you must mention the size of the package. Let us say your parcel weighs 5 kg.


The fee is $25 by weight. However, the volume of the parcel box is two cubic meters, and the calculated cost is $30. Thus, you will have to pay a higher bill here.


9. How much is the international air freight from China to Iran?

The exact cost of shipping can be calculated by professional freight forwarders or service provider companies such as DHL.


If you use DHL’s service, they have a very handy online tool for you to know perfectly. It is called the DHL Competency Tool. It is an interactive online tool. Let us say you want to send goods from the city of Shenzhou, China, to the city of Tehran, Iran.

How much is the international air freight from China to Iran? 

Enter the city name in the prescribed box. The prompt text line will ask for the weight and dimensions of your package. Then, it will inform you of the fee. For example, here, you can enter a weight of 5kg and a volume of 50x50x50cm.


The prompt pops up: “The volume weight is greater than the declared weight; therefore, the billable volume weight is 25 kg.” The bill shows CNY 12,015.20. You can exchange it for US dollars, which is about 15 Chinese yuan to US cents. The cost would be $1,802.


10. How long does it take to fly from China to Iran?

Usually, it takes about 15 days to fly from China to Iran. Close to the exact time can be found from an Iranian freight forwarder.


The flight time from China to Iran is about 10 hours, but there are many complicated issues with The cargo, from compliance issues to air cargo hold availability.


11. What is the maximum weight of air freight from China to Iran?

Usually, an aircraft’s maximum weight is limited due to technical reasons. Airplanes use the theory of aerodynamics to fly through the air.


If the aircraft model is large, such as the Boeing 747F, the maximum weight limit of the cargo can be 95,000 kg in weight and 601.4 cubic meters in volume.


If the aircraft is an Airbus A330-300 (H), the maximum weight limit is 21,000 kg, and the maximum volume limit is 86 cubic meters.


Relatively small aircraft such as the Boeing 737-300 have a maximum weight limit of 21,000 kg and a maximum volume limit of 21 cubic meters.


You understand that if the cargo weight reaches 95,000 kg, you need to book the entire Boeing 747F. Therefore, special arrangements need to be made to book the cargo hold for smaller groups to wait.


12. How much does it cost to ship by sea from China to Iran?

How much does it cost to ship by sea from China to Iran? 

The relevant transport agency can provide the exact cost of shipping from China to Iran. It will depend on the product category, volume or weight, and the tariffs applicable at the two ports.


To give you an idea of the cost of shipping, though, here is an example: If you order a 20-foot container from Shanghai, China, to Bandar Abbas, Iran, it will cost around $850.


If the port of delivery is Imam Khomeini and the port of loading is Guangzhou, China, then the cost is around $1,420. To this shipping charge, some taxes and service charges will be added according to the official rate.


13. How long does it take for a cargo ship to sail from China to Iran?

Sea freight takes a long time because ships with full cargo have limited speed at sea and weigh thousands of tons. Large numbers of containers are tied to each other, and captains maintain critical balances through high waves and bad weather.


As a result, it could be faster compared to airline flights. Normally, shipping from China to Iran takes 25 to 35 days.


Specifically, if the loading port is Shanghai, China, and the delivery port is Bandar Abbas, Iran, it will take about 35 days. On the other hand, if the port of loading is Shenzhen, China, and the port of delivery is Imam Khomeini, Iran, it will take about 25 days by sea.


14. What is the difference between sea freight and air freight from China to Iran?

There are many differences between sea freight and air freight in terms of speed and capacity. In addition, there is a wide cost gap between them.


It takes about 15 days to fly goods from China to Iran, including lengthy packing, booking, and customs procedures.


Taking sea freight as an example, it takes about 35 days to travel from Shanghai in China to Bandar Abbas port in Iran. The main advantage of air freight is timeliness. In sea transport, cost-effectiveness is the chief advantage.


Plus, when shipping by sea, you take better care of your package during transit, and it is convenient to ship it in large quantities. Therefore, you have to compare priorities and make the best choice.


15. If shipping to Iran, what is the cheapest method of shipping on Alibaba?

Alibaba is not a freight forwarder but a total solutions provider, mainly for B2B customers. Sea freight is the best solution for getting the cheapest shipping costs.


Alibaba ships thousands of orders every day. They easily adjust sea LCL shipments, which is why Alibaba can charge the lowest cost.


Sea freight is regularly carried from China to Iran. Alibaba has a big share of sea freight as they receive a large number of orders from small and medium-sized Iranian merchants every day.


16. How to reduce the cost of shipping from China to Iran?

As a businessman, you have to rely on information. Information is about providing the right information at the right time. In business, rates and quotes are always changing from day to day and sometimes hour to hour.


Efficient freight forwarders keep track of such cost-sensitive information. Prices can be compared if you communicate closely with multiple agents and get the best quotes separately.


You can choose the best price from these offers. However, if you try to handle it yourself, as specialized skills are not readily available, you may incur increased costs.


Therefore, it is wise to use specialist shipping management services from well-known, tried-and-tested companies and monitor industry information


Another problem with the Iranian customs department is the complexity of the paperwork. The Islamic Republic of Iran follows a conservative trading system.


For certain products, the Iranian customs department requires approval from the relevant authorities. This system has created headaches for importing some products from China or other countries.


The efficiency of the clearing agency and good relations with officials are important for managing this approval. Usually, the merchant can only handle some of the issues. This arrangement also increases shipping costs from China to Iran.


17. What is the customs clearance process from China to Iran?

Iran’s customs regulations seem less humane than those of the European Union or other developed countries. Special permits may be required in addition to the normal prerequisites.


A registration order from Iran’s Ministry of Commerce is required for each shipment. Special licenses are required for many categories of goods, including phytosanitary inspection of food products and atomic analysis of wood used in the food industry. You will need quality prerequisites and a certificate of inspection for fumigating wooden cases.


Telecommunications equipment needs to be licensed by the Communications Regulatory Authority.


After the goods arrive at any Iranian port, the importer must submit a declaration to the customs department.


The officials will check that the documents in the shipment match correctly. If there are no discrepancies and the fees imposed have been paid correctly, the cargo will be cleared from the port.


An efficient customs clearance agent will play a vital role in releasing the goods in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. Both are important for your profitability.


18. Why does it take so long to get a package from China to Iran?

There are many different levels of procedures to go through to ship a package from China to Iran. It starts with placing an order with a seller in China.


It takes a few days for the seller’s company to process the order. Then, the booking of cargo space is another important and complicated issue to match the travel arrangements of air cargo or sea shipping vessels. The availability of cargo space is another level of matching problem.


All stages are managed by the airline or shipping line according to the booking agent’s requirements. If the vessel is a sea vessel, a voyage of 25 to 35 days is required after departure.


After arriving at the port of destination, another schedule must be followed at the berthing point. Then, the customs department at the port needs some time to fulfill the formal procedure for the final release of the cargo package.


Considering all the issues, it is easy to understand that it is normal to take a long time in the field of transport.


19. Do I have to pay customs fees for packages sent from China to Iran?

Yes, you have to pay the customs fee directly or indirectly. When you book a product from Iran in China, they quote a price with or without customs duties and shipping charges.


If the rate offered by your seller includes everything up to the last point of delivery, it means customs duties are included. If the seller does not include the tariff fee, you will have to pay it yourself.


20. Do I have to pay customs duties on items shipped from China to Iran?

This depends on the applicable tax rules in the relevant country. Every year or when necessary, each government announces the tariff rate for each item according to the HS code of each item to achieve global understanding and inter-port harmony.


In addition, there are WTO regulations and bilateral agreements between countries on tariff rates and duties. If you are a serious businessman, then do some research on import taxes in both countries. Alternatively, your freight forwarder will provide you with guidance in this area.


21. Why are packages detained by customs when they are shipped from China to Iran?

Customs detain a parcel at a port for many reasons, the main one being that the package contradicts the list of permitted goods.


Every country/region has a list of prohibited or restricted items, which every importer is required to follow. Another major reason parcels or packages are held up at customs is that taxes or duties due are not calculated accurately and paid correctly.


Customs officials may then impose fines or penalties for not calculating correctly. Packages can be held by customs for many reasons, causing losses to the importer.


To avoid such incidents, importers must identify risk issues with the customs department. An efficient freight forwarder can provide great guidance in this regard.


22. Can the sender pay the customs fee when sending to Iran from China?

The receiver pays the customs fees for imported items. Taxes and duties are your country’s main source of income and are paid in the local currency.


If your sender can pay the customs duties at the point of export but not at your point of import


However, some freight forwarders (e.g., DHL) can pay local import duties and taxes on your behalf. The local office maintains the process.


However, this service is subject to the normal regulations of the customs department. If there are any problems or disputes, the freight forwarder will advise you to face the customs officer on the spot and make a decision.


23. Do all packages from China to Iran go through customs?

B: Yes, every imported package has to go through customs. Even if someone brings any package from abroad, he has to go through customs formalities.


This is a normal rule for every citizen in every country. It is the relationship between international borders and packages coming from other countries.


In addition, Iran imposes import restrictions on certain products. To prevent these items from entering the country, the customs department must physically inspect the package.

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