How is international air freight billed?

How is international air freight billed?

Among the many modes of cargo transportation, if you want to say that the timeliness and price have advantages, then it must be air transportation. Many people do not know how to calculate the cost of international air transportation. In the air transportation business, there are two weights: billing and actual weight.


If the volume of your cargo is greater than the actual weight, it can be regarded as a bubble cargo. Let’s learn how to calculate the international air freight cost.


In fact, there are two ways to calculate the international air freight cost. One is calculated according to the actual weight of the goods, and the other is calculated according to the volume of the goods. If you have a batch of air freight to the United States, what method should the batch of goods be? TOLL?


Weigh and measure your goods first, calculate the actual weight and volume, and then calculate the cost according to the principle of taking the larger of the two. In the calculation, one cubic meter of the goods is equal to 167 kilograms, and if it is less than one kilogram, it will be rounded up to the nearest decimal.


Regarding the calculation of volumetric weight, there are two calculation formulas. Generally, the first one is used more and is more standard. Let’s take a look at which two formulas are: 1. Volumetric weight (kg) = length (CM) X Width (CM)/6000; 2. Volume weight (kg) = X167 kg.


When airlines measure the outer packaging, if the cargo has protruding parts, it will be calculated according to the length of the protruding parts, which may cause some small errors. If there is anything you do not understand, you can consult a professional freight company.


At present, most of the goods are transported by air, because it is fast in time and the operation is relatively simple. It can be easily done by a professional freight forwarder, who can provide you with air freight lines from domestic to foreign countries. Every freight forwarder The fee charged by the company and the airline will be different, and it will be more clear before the shipment.


These are the details on how to calculate the cost of international air transportation, I hope it can be helpful to you, it is because of the peak season, if you want to carry out air transportation, then your cargo needs to reserve the space in advance, and your cargo is under 45 kg The above can only be carried by air, and different places of delivery will also affect the calculation of air freight costs, but generally there is not much difference, so you need to reserve the space in advance.


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