How to handle export customs clearance for Chinese electric blankets

How to handle export customs clearance for Chinese electric blankets

As the temperature drops, the demand for heating products in Europe has surged, and China’s exports of heating appliances have also increased significantly. What certifications do electric blankets need to be exported to Europe? How should export customs clearance be handled?


Electric blanket export commodity classification and standard declaration

(1) 10-digit HS code + 3-digit CIQ code (13-digit customs code declared by China Customs)

Electric blanket export classification


(2) Elements of export specification declaration

1. Product name; 2. Brand type; 3. Export preferences; 4. Type (electric blanket); 5. Ingredient content; 6. Brand (Chinese or foreign language name); 7. GTIN; 8. CAS; 9. other.


Electric blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a contact-type electric heating appliance. It knits or sews a specially-made soft cord-type electric heating element with a standard insulation performance into the blanket, and emits heat when it is energized. It is mainly used to increase the temperature in the bed when people sleep to achieve the purpose of heating.


First, the classification of electric blankets

There are many electric blanket products on the market, which can be dazzling. They are generally divided into three categories: electric heating blankets, plumbing blankets and water pump heating blankets.


1. Electric heating blanket

Electric heating blankets are the most common heating blankets in our lives. The principle is to weave special electric heating elements into the blankets like lines. Plug in the power supply to generate heat. Try not to fold or stretch them when using them, otherwise it may cause a short circuit of the heating wire. 


2. Plumbing blanket

The plumbing blanket wraps the heating wire with the water pipe in the blanket. During the process of heat production and heat transfer, a certain amount of water vapor will be emitted. When it encounters an anhydrous state, it will automatically power off, but if this function cannot ensure the separation of water and electricity , there is still a risk of leakage.


3. Pump heating blanket

The water pump heating blanket heats water in a host water pump, and then the hot water circulates in the blanket to separate water and electricity, which can prevent the occurrence of short circuits. The water temperature can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 25 degrees Celsius.


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