How to improve the rest level of freight drivers during parking

How to improve the rest level of freight drivers during parking

International ocean freight remains an important part of shipping infrastructure. With the exponential growth of e-commerce and its sea and air shipments to fulfillment centers close to population centers, trucking over long distances has become increasingly important.


As companies realize that logistics is a key element of their strategy, truck operations have been brought in-house or outsourced to larger carriers. therefore.


The focus so far should be on truck stops and rest areas across the country. While these locations are most important for meeting driver needs, huge opportunities for saving fuel and reducing emissions involve at the point of delivery and reception.


A number of regional surveys show how much rest the driver has. This in turn affects their daytime alertness and overall road safety.


Trucking companies have done little to offer idling alternatives. Over 93% of drivers report that their employer does not pay for accommodation. Since these employers will pay for fuel, few drivers have an incentive to shut down the engine. Even when companies will cover the cost of replacing idle, drivers report being slow to reimburse.

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