How to reduce unnecessary delays in cargo transportation

How to reduce unnecessary delays in cargo transportation

A very common victim of inefficiency, be it a small business or a large business, is the shipping method employed by the business, a common problem that can directly lead to shipping delays. How can you help avoid those unnecessary delays?


International shipping takes a lot of time, and even the smallest things can be time-consuming. Use a freight forwarder and use their network of contacts to help your shipments go through customs easily in the shortest possible time.


Hiring a freight forwarder can make shipping easier with their extensive knowledge of shipping procedures, giving you more time for other business transactions.


If your shipment is less than 40kg, you can use a carrier service such as FedEx or DHL. These companies offer pickup from suppliers, manage the local customs clearance process, and deliver the goods to your customers in about 3 days.


If your cargo is more than 40kg but less than 250kg, it is better to use LCL service and hire a freight forwarder. If it is expected to be shipped soon, and more than 2 cubic meters or more than 335 kg, you can choose to ship by sea instead of LTL (less than container load), the transit time is about 4 weeks.


If delays are unavoidable, there is always a plan B to address the delays. Alternative courses of action should always be available. This will ensure that serious delays are avoided, no one is waiting to be told what to do next, and everyone should have a plan B that they can easily execute.


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