International freight forwarders are not transport companies

International freight forwarders are not transport companies

International freight forwarders don’t actually move your cargo because they are not shipping companies. Instead, he’s just the middleman between the shipper and the carrier who can take care of all the frustrating logistical issues, so you don’t have to worry or bother with the details.

You might be thinking, an international freight forwarder is just a middleman? An expensive expense that doesn’t actually provide anything tangible? While middlemen can sometimes get a bad impression, in the right circumstances, freight forwarders can be very useful.

For example, an important aspect of the work of these organizations is building close relationships with airlines and officials in major ports around the world. By spending time online and building your name in the process, freight forwarders can save you even more deals.

International freight forwarders can also provide advice and can provide shippers with tips and tricks for dealing with banking, regulations, documentation requirements, and more. This is an especially important consideration for large international shippers.

It’s hard to research and remember every logistical detail in every country in the entire supply chain. While these codes of conduct may seem trivial, failure to comply could send the most powerful shipping giants to a panic-stricken end. So now you know what the freight forwarder actually does.

Dantful Freight Forward offers unique benefits to businesses looking for a high level of organization, transparency and flexibility. Agents make a living on good customer service and people skills, and the bonds they form with agents around the world are often stronger than the relationships operators maintain with their own colleagues!

Much of this has to do with the competitiveness of the market. Agents all over the world are more than willing to impress international forwarders so they can earn more business, and forwarders have enough incentive to keep their customers happy. Service, speed and efficiency are the top priorities.

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