Surgical masks and protective clothing were formally inspected for export

Surgical masks and protective clothing were formally inspected for export

The general administration of customs (gac) announced today (April 10) that, in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China on import and export commodity inspection and its implementation regulations, the export inspection of medical materials under the customs commodity number “6307900010” will be carried out from April 10 in order to strengthen the quality control over the export of medical materials.

The general administration of customs today issued document no. 53 in 2020 to carry out export commodity inspection on some medical materials

The implementation of export commodity inspection involves a total of 19 medical materials under the commodity number of 11 categories.

Recently, with the spread of the epidemic outside the country, the export of masks and other epidemic prevention and control materials increased significantly.

In order to support the global “war epidemic”, customs in all parts of China have opened up a “green channel” for customs clearance to ensure orderly clearance of epidemic prevention materials.But at the same time, there are also false declaration, concealment, concealment and other illegal ACTS to evade customs supervision.

Surgical masks

Had been emphasized that the General Administration of Customs according to the Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs the state food and drug administration about order to carry out the announcement of the export of medical supplies (5) in 2020, since April 1, the export will be coronavirus detection reagent, surgical masks, medical protective clothing, breathing machine, infrared thermometer enterprise declare to the customs, shall provide a written or electronic statement, commitment to export products have made our country medical equipment product registration certificate, conform to the requirements of the countries (regions) of import and export quality standards.


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