The development trend of cross-border transportation in Southeast Asia

The development trend of cross-border transportation in Southeast Asia

At present, only two countries, Singapore and Malaysia, have at least hundreds of tons of cross-border e-commerce parcels transported from China through various special lines and postal channels every day.


The rapid development of e-commerce in Southeast Asia has led to the rapid rise of a large number of express delivery companies, and the local logistics infrastructure is developing and improving. This is driven by both multinational giants and local brands.

At present, the development of logistics supporting facilities in the entire Southeast Asian market is relatively mature, mainly in Singapore and Malaysia. Thailand and Vietnam mainly use China to clear the customs by trucks in ASEAN countries.


The explosive growth of cross-border logistics and transportation in Southeast Asia


1. Type of truck

(1) Open truck/flatbed truck


(2) Ordinary container truck


(3) Refrigerated container trucks


(4) Low Loader Truck


2. Service advantages

(1) Full GPS monitoring


(2) High-speed all the way


(3) One container is in the end, and the container is not changed in the whole process


(4) Carrier liability insurance


(5) It can provide shock-absorbing transportation for precision equipment and products


(6) Transportation with constant temperature and humidity requirements can be provided


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