U.S. will step up investment in major Midwest ports

U.S. will step up investment in major Midwest ports

Recent, current or anticipated improvements in excess of $5 billion at three Midwest ports will strengthen these facilities and enhance their vital role in the global freight network. Significant investments in the Port of KC, US Central and Kaskaskia Regional Port Districts, as well as the recent availability of new infrastructure funding, will spur the increase in barge service and provide cost efficiencies that will drive profitability in the industry. The Port of KC is located on the Missouri River. The Central Port of the United States is located on the Mississippi River, and the Kaskaskia Regional Port District serves the Mississippi and Kaskaskia Rivers.

America’s Central Port (ACP) is at the heart of the U.S. transportation network, with access to 6 Class I railroads, 2 intermodal ports, 4 U.S. interstates, more than 85 manufacturers and freight-intensive operators, employees approximately 1,000 people) located in Granite City, Illinois, is one of the largest freight hubs in the Midwest and has been successful in securing federal and state funding for several recent projects and others working through the facility.


To help improve the reliability of Missouri River navigation, John Grothaus, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City Region Missouri River Research Program Manager, is currently conducting a Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project (BSNP) study with the Port of KC as the primary non-federal partner— With the support of several stakeholder partners.https://www.dantful.com/


The goal of the BSNP system is to maintain navigable channels by managing water and channel dimensions and sediments, which presents considerable challenges given the meteorological and hydraulic uncertainties of the Missouri River system,” Grohouse said. “The study The initial goals of the BSNP are to improve the performance of the BSNP, taking into account flows ranging from droughts to floods, to reduce the cost of transporting commercial products, and to assess future operations and maintenance based on the new information, which will improve navigation safety as well as the overall resilience of the system. and function. 


All three port operators agree on the importance of working with other partners, their facility users and others around them, and with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. They applauded USACE for more than $80 million in grant funding to reduce flood risk by further strengthening levees in southwestern Illinois in the St. Louis area to higher current standards.https://www.dantful.com/


These three ports play an important role in the global air freight network, and the recent infrastructure funding will prepare these facilities for future growth,” said Mary Lamie, executive vice president and head of the multimodal enterprise at Bi-State Development in St. Louis Regional highway.


 Clearly, USACE supports this growth and is taking steps to improve the reliability of our waterways and the equipment that supports the movement of barge traffic along the route. Investments taking place today will contribute to cost savings that will generate profits for the barge industry and contribute to future success.

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