What are the characteristics of international logistics?

What are the characteristics of international logistics?

International logistics refers to the transportation process of goods from origin to destination. According to specific needs, storage, packaging, transportation, loading and unloading, handling, processing, information processing, distribution and other functions are combined to meet the needs of users. International logistics is called global logistics, which refers to the process of transporting goods from one country or region of origin to the destination of another country or region.


The transportation of international logistics is usually carried out between two or more countries to solve the time distance and space distance of transportation, so as to complete the logistics process of the goods transaction, realize the delivery of goods, documents and payment by the seller, while the buyer accepts payment, documents and goods. What are the characteristics of international logistics?https://www.dantful.com/


1. International logistics involves a wide range and the situation is changeable


During the logistics and transportation of goods, we need to communicate, trade, handle procedures, etc. with many parties, including personnel from different countries and regions, commercial inspection agencies, transportation departments, banks, insurance companies, various intermediaries and customs. Therefore, due to different countries and regions, there will be different monetary and financial systems. Different laws and policies. Different business practices and trade transportation practices, coupled with changes in natural conditions and various political and economic situations, will have a great impact on the international transportation of goods.


2. The international logistics process is different from domestic logistics


Country-to-country shipments and international shipments of goods between countries often travel farther than domestic logistics. There are single shipping methods and multiple combined shipping methods. They can be sent to different regions and countries only by changing different shipping methods.


3. The timeliness of international logistics is very important


Commodity prices in the international market change rapidly. The competition is very fierce. If the goods cannot arrive at the destination on time, it may cause huge economic losses. For example, some seasonal goods and fresh perishable goods cannot be delivered to the destination for sale on time, and the economic loss is catastrophic for customers. Therefore, the delivery date of the goods, the method of shipment are classified as the terms of the trade contract, and the timely shipment is directly related to the performance of the contract. Trade, fulfillment of commitments, transport development are all very important.


4. Involving the complexity and diversity of international relations


In the process of international freight, frequent communication and exchanges are required with customers from different countries. Not only economic and trade exchanges, but also many international political issues, because some people are engaged in international traffic is a national policy concept and an economic concept.https://www.dantful.com/


5. The risk of international logistics is greater than that of domestic logistics


Due to the need for long-distance transportation, international logistics involves a variety of complex and changeable situations. The broad scope and long duration mean that the risks are relatively high. In order to reduce the risk during transportation, it is necessary to purchase corresponding insurance for various export transportation tools and goods. The main function of the international logistics company is to pick up the goods from the factory. Domestic logistics is booking, customs clearance, warehousing and packaging.


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