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Shipping From China To IRAQ 2024

Shipping From China To IRAQ 2024

Shipping From China To IRAQ 2024 

Transport is an important issue in international trade, and today it is impossible to imagine a world without transport services. Many factors have been introduced into the field, such as air, sea, container, FCL and LCL. Therefore, it is not unusual to see different shipping companies across the globe; Each of them offers a variety of services to its customers. Door-to-door is a specific service that makes the process of transporting goods much easier.

In this service, all transactions are done by the freight forwarder and the customer delivers the goods to the destination.

China is the global economic center and many people from all over the world travel to the country to provide products for their businesses. Iraq is a country where many products are supplied from China. Therefore, shipping from China to Iraq is an important thing, and in this article we have tried to provide comprehensive information.

Shipping from China to Iraq

Shipping from China to Iraq 

International shipping is a key issue in China as it transports goods to almost all countries around the globe. As a result, the country has excellent infrastructure and offers many services to customers around the world. There are two ways to transport from China to Iraq:

  • Sea freight
  • Air Freight

Sea freight from China to Iraq

Sea freight from China to Iraq 


The main mode of transport in international trade is Sea Freight. Sea Freight refers to the transport of people and goods by sea in boats, steamers and other vessels. But due to the long distance and slow speed of ships, this method is not suitable for people who are anxious to pick up their packages as soon as possible.

In contrast, it is the best way for those with the largest cargo volume. It is estimated that more than 70 percent of international freight volume is transported by sea. However, there are some conditions for such Sea Freight, as follows:

  • Oversize items
  • The goods are troublesome.
  • The goods are poorly shaped or clumsy
  • The goods are over 200 kg

If these conditions are met in your case, this is the best way to ship from China to Iraq.


Shipping ports from China to Iraq

China has many famous seaports, some of which are ranked tenth in the world. Every year, many ships are sent to different parts of the world, generating a lot of revenue for China. Chinese seaports and Iraqi seaports are:

Shipping ports from China to Iraq


Umm Qasr, the largest seaport in Iraq

This seaport is considered the most important port in Iraq. It has two docks. The old port consists of eight anchorages and the new dock consists of 13 anchorages. The maximum unloading capacity of the port is 8.850 (8.85 million tons) per year. Its storage capacity is 614,000 (614,000) tons per year.

The idea of building and constructing the port dates back to 1960, when the volume of foreign trade was increasing after 1958. Another external factor that led to its construction was the depth of the water, making it possible to build such a port as it allowed large ships to berth heavy cargo.

Umm Qasr port is located at the southern end of the Zubair estuary, at the junction of the mouth of the Abdullah River, 66 km from the city of Basra. The three concrete piers were completed in 1964 and have a depth of 9.7 meters. The implementation company has paid particular attention to the development and expansion of the port and has already designed a berth for sulphur exports.

Sulphur is transported to the berth from the east. It is transported from the berth storage area to the ship via an automatic conveyor belt over a kilometre in length with a maximum loading capacity (1,500 tonnes per hour).

Port plan

The port development plan includes the construction of a general container terminal 250m long and 35m wide, equipped with a dock capable of unloading 40-tonne containers, and 10 new commercial terminals on the Am Qasr river.

It should be noted that the implementation of the fourth phase of the Mubarak Port in Kuwait (located on the east coast of Bubyan Island) could harm the status quo of Umm Qasr port in Iraq.

Therefore, the Iraqi government is concerned that the implementation of this phase will lead to heavy ship traffic on the route, narrowing the canal and making it difficult for ships to reach Umm Qasr port.

The difference between LCL and FCL shipping from China to Iraq

Shipping from China to Iraq by sea (LCL) vs Full Container Load (FCL)

There are two common ways to ship goods from China to Iraq: LCL and FCL. LCL means less than container load, while FCL means full container load. The main difference between these methods is the use of containers.

In FCL shipping, a single shipper fills the entire container with its product. This option applies when the shipment volume is sufficient to occupy the entire container.

LCL shipping, on the other hand, involves multiple companies sharing a container. Each company’s cargo is concentrated in a container, making it a cost-effective option for smaller shipments that do not require a full container.

Knowing the difference between LCL and FCL is crucial when planning a sea shipment from China to Iraq, as it helps to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective mode of transport for a particular cargo volume.

Shipping containers from China to Iraq

The container is a large standard shipping container designed and manufactured for transporting goods. These large containers can be used in a variety of modes of transport – from ship to rail to truck – without reloading. Containers are primarily used to store and transport supplies and products efficiently and safely in the international transportation system.

Of course, this type of transportation is also used for regional movement between nearby areas. These containers go by different names, for example Container, Treasure, Marine, and Marine containers.

All of these containers have codes that are valid all over the world. The container code reduces the likelihood of loading the wrong destination to almost zero.

These containers are made of different materials. Typically, metal and fiberglass containers are ubiquitous, and they have more applications than other materials (sometimes wood).

In addition, this type of shipping container can transport a very wide range of goods. For example, liquid or gas cargoes can also be moved with specific containers without leaking.

It has led to the use of sea containers in fuel transportation. In 2012, about 20.5 million containers of different types were produced worldwide. The shape of the box, such as the container and handles and clamps that are mounted on the product during its production, makes such products more mobile than plastic or iron boxes. Companies have developed containers to prevent the movement of smaller goods.

China to Iraq sea container type

Containers are usually divided into 20 ‘and 40’ containers by size. They may also come in smaller or larger sizes. Shipping companies that plan to ship cargo try to adjust the size and weight of the cargo to 20 or 40 feet. This is just one category on the scale.

These categories can be combined with others. Examples include 20 foot containers with a top, 40 foot containers with a top, 20 foot and 40 foot containers without a top, and refrigerators.

40 foot container shipping costs from China to Iraq!

Estimated shipping costs from China to Iraq:

40 foot container shipping costs from China to Iraq! 


Please note that these prices are not accurate! For more information, contact Dantful.


How long does it take to get to Iraq by sea (sea) from China?

The time of Sea Freight depends on different factors such as distance, transit time and many expected and unexpected matters. It takes 30 to 60 days to ship from China to Iraq by sea, and the transfer time by port is shown in the table below.

How long does it take to get to Iraq by sea (sea) from China? 

Please note that these prices are not accurate! For more information, contact Dantful.


Air freight from China to Iraq

Air transport is one of the modes of cargo transport, which has certain advantages. The key advantages of this method are its high speed and flexible delivery time. Usually all parcels are received by air within a week.

This is very important for those who are in a hurry or have products that can be damaged over a long period of time. Air transport is one of the important modes of transportation from China to Iraq. Airports in China and Iraq are:

Air freight from China to Iraq 


How long does it take to fly from China to Iraq?

The time of the airlift depends on different factors, such as distance, transit time and many expected and unexpected matters. It takes 10 to 13 days to arrive in Iraq by air from China, and the transfer time from one port to another is shown in the table below: The time of the airlift depends on different factors such as distance, transit time and many expected and unexpected events. It takes 10 to 13 days for air freight from China to Iraq, and the transit time by port is shown in the following table:

How long does it take to fly from China to Iraq? 


China to Iraq air freight cost!

Although the cost of air transportation is expensive, many people like it because of its many advantages. The cost of air transportation from China to Iraq is:

China to Iraq air freight cost! 

Dangerous goods air freight from China to Iraq

Nowadays, transportation has become a professional science internationally, and moving all kinds of goods is no longer considered a simple matter. Dangerous goods transport is even more critical. Because dangerous loads can be very unexpected if they do not meet international standards. It is very important that international transport organizations such as the International Transport Association (IATA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have developed special rules in this regard.

What are the dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods are goods that must be received and sent in accordance with the Dangerous


Goods Manual established by the International Air Transport Association. These goods are divided into nine groups. Each has its own rules, which are only mentioned here:

  • Acid
  • Dynamite
  • Flammable gases
  • Flammable liquid
  • Flammable items
  • Oxidizing substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive material
  • Other miscellaneous materials, such as magnets, batteries, polymer products, dry ice Courier services from China to Iraq.


Express shipping service from China to Iraq

The express service from China to Iraq is an important way of transporting goods, and the delivery time of goods is very short. In this method, all packages are delivered within 1 to 3 business routes.

The delivery service from China to Iraq is more expensive than the classic model, but it is the best option when people are in a hurry and waiting for a while. Usually, Courier services are suitable for people with small packages.

Customs Declaration

Customs clearance is an important matter when importing from China to Iraq. Cargo clearance refers to the release of imported goods from customs. The customs clearance phase refers to the period when goods are moved in and out of the organization.

Customs clearance is a multi-step approach, with some documentation represented by the owner of the goods. Often, to release a product that has been cleared, the product must be considered in a number of ways, including paying taxes, business profits, customs duties and receiving the necessary documents. Different documents are provided to the organization, as shown below:

  • Invoice
  • Bill of Lading
  • Certificate of Origin packing list
  • Test or inspection Certificate insurance

Iraq Customs Clearance Please note these tow notes:

  • Commercial invoice (list must include product description, country of origin, manufacturer details and all necessary information)
  • Certificate of origin (this document is generally not required, but preferably an invoice, two copies of packing list, and three copies of bill of lading)

Iraqi customs clearance rules

For shipments from China to the IRA, all packages reach the Customs Organization. According to


the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Iraq, the duty on the shipment was 10 percent in 2016. But after 2016, the organization increased the rate. Some of them are:

  • Sedan (25%)
  • Juice (25%)
  • Air conditioning (25%)
  • TV (35%)
  • Cigarettes (75%)
  • Alcoholic beverages (100%)

In 2018, that number reached 30 percent for some items. As Iraq is a member of the World Customs Organization, it is subject to the HS system.


Prohibited and restricted import goods shipped from China to Iraq

When shipping goods from China to Iraq, it is important to be aware of prohibited and restricted items that may affect the import process. Iraq’s customs regulations outline specific goods that are strictly prohibited or subject to certain restrictions. To ensure compliance and avoid legal complications, here is a list of prohibited and restricted imports:

Prohibited imports:

  • Narcotics and illegal drugs
  • Harmful and toxic substances
  • Weapons, explosives and ammunition
  • Counterfeit money and forged documents
  • Cultural artifacts without proper documentation
  • Endangered wildlife species and products derived from them

Restrictions on imports:

Firearms and ammunition (special permits required)

Controlled Substances and drugs (specific licenses required)

Chemicals and hazardous materials (subject to regulatory control)

Radioactive materials and nuclear-related equipment

Live animal and plant products (comply with quarantine and hygiene regulations)

Antiques and historical artifacts (identification and cultural heritage approval required)

What is shipping HS?

In every country, the government designs the system based on tax policy, budget, economy and pricing. The function of the system is to control, identify and classify products according to the prevailing standards of the country.

The system, called HS (Harmonized System Code), contains customs statistics, foreign economic activities, and tariff and non-tariff measures for international trade regulations. The code can represent standards for communication and trade goods.


In other words, in international trade and world trade, all goods are classified according to a uniform global standard. Goods have standard 8-digit tariff numbers that are used by all authorities and organizations (Tax Organization, Ministry of Mines and Trade, World Development Organization, etc.). This code indicates the specifications of the goods.

The system was first implemented in January 2010 by the Customs Union (CU) of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Currently, RF customs officers use the HS CU Customs Union system instead of HS RF.

HS coding is based on the WTO’s harmonized description and programming system. In this system, all goods have an 8 – or 10-digit code. The first four or six digits of these codes are common to all member countries, with subsequent numbers varying according to each country’s product classification space.

The HS code specifies the details and features of the product. Buyers and sellers must use the HS code for international transactions. The code for each product is recorded on the sales invoice.

Each goods exporter and seller must define a customs code for their products. If the HS code is rejected, any incorrectly entered goods are subject to customs rules and regulations. If the HS code is entered incorrectly, it will violate the customs laws and regulations of the host country and will be subject to administrative penalties. The penalty covers 50% to 200% of the customs value of the goods.

The classification of goods based on the HS code is carried out according to the categories of goods with similar characteristics and specifications. This classification is intended to facilitate international trade. The code is also very effective for business procedures, deciding to enter into trade contracts and reviewing world trade statistics. The classification of products based on the HS code is based on the letter of the product, manufacturing technique, composition and use.

The list is based on the HS code and product classification, which simplifies negotiations and arrangements between the parties to the transaction. The list changes every year due to the addition of new products. To check the HS code for shipping from China to Iraq, you can go to the official website of Iraq.

What is the procedure of importing from China to Iraq?

A: To import goods from China to Iraq, almost all goods need a license, and a few goods can be exempted. If the goods are shipped to Erbil, an authorization letter from the agent of origin is required.

Imported samples are shipped from China to Iraq

The sample shipment does not require any specific formalities, but the invoice list must be indicated.

Local companies shipping from China


As I mentioned before, there are many international companies in China that ship goods to different countries. In addition, there are many local companies. Many suppliers in China prefer local companies. One of the most important reasons is that these local companies are cheaper than international companies, which is very important for all those who want to order products from China.

The other reasons are that they know Chinese and know the area very well. These factors make many people think that local companies are the best choice for shipping from China. If you want to choose these companies, it is best to consult their official websites for more reliable information. In addition, you can also read the customer satisfaction in the website, which will help you choose the company that best suits your needs!

Incoterms in Shipping from China to Iraq

These rules cover all modes of transport of goods. They are as follows:

EXW (Factory home delivery)

In this method, the seller delivers the goods to the buyer at the place of production or warehouse. All liabilities and costs, including loading, transportation, insurance, customs, and the risk of damage to the goods, are borne by the buyer.

FCA, delivered to a specific location in the country of origin

Fca, delivery of the goods to the carrier designated by the buyer after the seller has cleared the customs for export at the designated place. Since the place of delivery is in the buyer’s country, loading is borne by the buyer, which is the risk point of the process. Shipping and insurance costs are borne by the buyer and usually (not necessarily) the shipping and insurance contract is the responsibility of the buyer.

CPT, freight paid

This rule belongs to a type of inter-modal transport, meaning that the seller prepares the goods, transports them internally and clears the customs for export, and pays the export clearance costs himself. In addition, the carrier selects the final destination, enters into a contract of carriage, and pays the fare to the location specified in the final destination agreement. The seller’s risk and liability ends when the seller delivers the goods to the first carrier. The payment of the insurance premium and the conclusion of the inspection contract are the responsibility of the buyer.

CIP, fare and freight paid insurance

This rule of Incoterms means that the seller delivers the goods to the carrier of his choice. He has obtained the export license of his country and the export clearance and paid the freight to the destination, thus signing the contract of carriage. He has insured the goods to the destination and paid the premium.

DAT, ex quay country of destination

This term means that the seller is responsible for all shipping costs (export charges, transport,


unloading by the main carrier at the destination port, as well as destination port charges) and assumes all risks of arriving at the destination port. A dock can be considered a port, an airport, and a place of exchange for goods. In addition, import duties, taxes and customs fees are borne by the buyer.

DAP, delivered at a specific location in the destination country

The term can be used for all modes of transportation, or for processes that have multiple modes of transportation. The seller is responsible for coordinating the transportation and delivery of the goods, preparing the vehicle for unloading at the agreed place. In this method, the seller is not responsible for paying taxes and insurance.

DDP, delivery to destination and payment of duties and taxes

The seller is responsible for shipping the goods to the designated location in the buyer’s country/region and is responsible for paying all costs of shipping the goods to the destination, including entrance fees and taxes. This semester includes the seller’s maximum obligation and the buyer’s minimum obligation.

China to Iraq door-to-door Marine services

Door-to-door shipping service is a unique mode of cargo transportation. In this way, everything is done by the freight forwarder. The client should go to the company to sign the contract and pay the fee. In addition, s/he must deliver the important documents to the freight forwarder.

All processes are undertaken by the freight forwarder. The customer can follow the process of freight transportation. When signing the contract, give the customer a specific number; She/he can then visit the official website, go to the tracking section and enter the number. All the information will appear on the website.

China to Iraq Port to Port Marine services

In this method, as in the previous one, the customer must sign a contract with the freight forwarder. But the freight forwarder picks up the goods at the specific port (mentioned in the contract) and it is up to the customer to deliver the goods to the customer at the preferred port. From the port, the customer is responsible for shipping the goods to the specific destination.

China to Iraq door-to-port sea freight service

In this method, goods are picked up from a warehouse in China and shipped to a specific port at the customer’s preferred destination.

How to reduce the cost of shipping from China?

It is worth mentioning that one of the best ways to reduce the cost of shipping from China to Iraq is to use a door-to-door shipping service! This service will make the shipping process very simple for customers who can take their packages to their preferred destinations and continue their business! For more information on this area, you can contact the Dantful team!

Why is Dantful the best freight forwarder in the IRAQ?

Why is Dantful the best freight forwarder in the IRAQ? 

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a freight forwarder. The first is experience. Dantful Freight has been in the shipping industry for more than a decade and has been operating in the IRAQ market since we embarked on our journey.

We have a separate team to take care of clients from the IRAQ. The team is focused on the IRAQ market. As a result, we can guarantee a smooth and safe shipping experience.

Another important thing is the cost. We have contracts with all the big carriers and Courier companies. As a result, we can offer IRAQ customers better prices than any other company in China.

The experts will take care of all your shipments. We also have a dedicated customs department in the IRAQ, which is always updated in accordance with the IRAQ Customs policy.

Whether it is LCL or door-to-door, Dantful Freight always offers IRAQ customers the best shipping experience.

Dantful Logistics provide all freight logistics service from China to IRAQ

(UMM QASR,BAGDAD, ERBIL, BASRA,SULAYMANIYAH etc.) which is available via all major ports and all major airports.

Our freight logistics service covers Chinese 600 cities, 87 sea ports, 34 airports such as SHENZHEN,GUANGZHOU,HONGKONG,XIAMEN,

NINGBO,SHANGHAI,QINGDAO,TIANJIN, and many other cities of China,

Pls check the freight logistics service which we provide below:

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4.Hazardous、break-bulk & over-sized cargo,

5.Consolidation, warehousing and packing / unpacking services,

6.Documentation preparation and customs clearance specialists,

7.Domestic Land Freight Trucking,

8. Freight Insurance,

Almost all of the clients give us good feedback and satisfied with our professional service and competitive price, our shipping procedure greatly helps in facilitating the import process and made a good impression on my clients’ client, so that their business are better and better

I believe that our one stop service will meet all your cargo transportation requirements

Whenever you intend deliver your items shipping from China to IRAQ, we are here to provide you the best, affordable, efficient and trustworthy services so that you would not have to deal with any kind of inconvenience or fraud while delivering your cargo. We keep you updated about all the terms and regulations at the first place to ensure a quick and transparent service.

If you want to know any info about shipping from China to IRAQ, like shipping companies from China to IRAQ, how long does a ship take from China to IRAQ, cost of shipping container from China to IRAQ etc, just contact our support team and we will be 18/7 online to support your business.Inquire now about container for shipping times and costs from China to IRAQ.



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