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Shipping from China to Qatar

Shipping from China to Qatar 2024

 Shipping from China to Qatar

Economic ties between Beijing and Doha appear stronger than ever. As a result, more traders have inquired about shipping from China to Qatar recently. Most of them are willing to exchange goods with Arab traders who import from China on a large scale.

The Beijing-Doha affair is about transport

The Beijing-Doha affair is about transport 

Back in 2017, the Chinese government set up the first Chinese financial institution in Doha to handle yuan exchange. It was the first meeting of its kind in the Middle East and certainly a sign of the development of affairs between Beijing and Doha.

Since then, the import and export rates of the two countries have soared, and more and more traders are joining in. Currently, Qatar is China’s most important natural gas supplier, importing up to $3 billion from the country.

Therefore, their active foreign policy attitude has had a very positive impact on transportation. Transportation from China to Qatar is now a hot service, and the number of companies willing to benefit from such services is growing every day.

Comparison of air and sea freight rates from China to Qatar

Comparison of air and sea freight rates from China to Qatar 

In general, sea freight requires shipping the large volume and weight of the product you want to send from China to Qatar. You may ask why. This is because the volume and weight of cargo containers sent through the sea system are much larger than by air. Amazingly, 18,000 containers can be shipped at one time. But on the other hand, if the value of the product is very high for its weight, it is also recommended to ship the goods by air or air. For example, for valuables, luxury items, expensive cell phones, or hardware that needs to get to its destination faster, it is recommended to use air transportation.

The time required for air and sea transportation from China to Qatar

The time required for air and sea transportation from China to Qatar 

China has a number of major seaports and carries the world’s largest cargo volume annually through major waterways. These major ports include Shanghai Port, Hong Kong Port, Shandong Port, Tianjin Port, and Fujian Port, which are ranked as five of the 34 best ports in China.


Air Freight

Air Freight 

Sea Freight

Sea Freight 

The difference between LCL and FCL shipping from China to Qatar

There are two ways of shipping products from China to Qatar: LCL and FCL, where LCL refers to LCL and FCL refers to full container load. But the difference between the two methods is that.

When all the products in a container belong to one shipper, it is a full container, while a container contains the joint cargo of two or more companies. Shipping the goods from China to Qatar will be LCL.

China to Qatar door-to-door shipping (cost and shipping time)

China to Qatar door-to-door shipping (cost and shipping time) 

Door-to-door delivery methods from China are the easiest method for customers. Dantfuldoor-to-door service experts take care of the entire operation, from picking up the goods from the seller’s warehouse to packaging in China, shipping to the destination, customs clearance in the destination country, and delivery to the customer’s office; we take care of everything the whole time. Learn more about our door-to-door service. Also, you can read all about Door to Door Shipping services in China | Importer Details

Qatar’s customs clearance duties

There is no duty on used personal and household items.

First entry Stamp duty 5% duty plus legislative fees on CIF value imported after six months.

After six months, Customs has the power to impose duties on any goods found to be of too low a value or imported.

Diplomatic removal duties require a letter from the Foreign Ministry List of prohibited items by air from China to Qatar.


Gas: such as compressed gas, dry ice, fire extinguishers, gas storage tanks, Combustible liquids

Flammable solids, pyramids, and materials that release flammable gases when in contact with water

Toxic, infectious items

Please consider these factors before shipping from China to Doha

Choosing the best shipping agent to manage industrial and conventional cargoes is a challenging task. Therefore, we recommend considering the following factors before making any decision on freight forwarders working in China and Qatar.

What is your final destination?

Most B2B deals also include a promised door-to-door (DDP) delivery. Therefore, research the endpoint before picking a Courier. It would be best if you made sure the carrier could deliver the goods to the exact location of the buyer’s location.

Some Courier companies in China can only deliver goods to Doha International Airport and seaport. Therefore, you should refrain from signing an agreement with them when DDP shipments need to be further distributed.

Size and budget

The size of the product will change the overall shipping cost. For example, FCL and LCL are two services that cover both small and large shipments. Full container loading is used when you send enough goods to fill the entire container. However, if you do not have enough goods to occupy a container, a smaller container load is the right choice.

On the other hand, the volumetric weight of the product can also affect shipping costs. Therefore, you must easily measure the size and weight of the box before handing it over to the freight forwarder. This way you can estimate shipping costs in advance and choose the delivery company with the best price.

Shipping method

There are many ways to ship from China to Qatar and Doha. For example, you can send goods by air or sea. But these two methods can also include Courier, Amazon FBA, and DDP quotes.

Therefore, to choose the best delivery company, you must understand each system. A professional company will choose the right shipping procedure based on the nature of your product (not the overall cost).


Why is Dantful the best freight forwarder in the Qatar?

Why is Dantful the best freight forwarder in the Qatar? 

There are a few things you should consider when looking for a freight forwarder. The first is experience. Dantful Freight has been in the shipping industry for more than a decade and has been operating in the Qatar market since we embarked on our journey.

We have a separate team to take care of clients from the Qatar. The team is focused on the Qatar market. As a result, we can guarantee a smooth and safe shipping experience.

Another important thing is the cost. We have contracts with all the big carriers and Courier companies. As a result, we can offer Qatar customers better prices than any other company in China.

The experts will take care of all your shipments. We also have a dedicated customs department in the Qatar, which is always updated in accordance with the Qatar Customs policy.

Whether it is LCL or door-to-door, Dantful Freight always offers Qatar customers the best shipping experience.

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