Fedex shipping from China to USA cost

Fedex shipping from China to USA cost

Fedex shipping rates from China to USA:

FedEx, as a domestic company in the United States, not only has the advantages of timeliness, but also has the advantages of price, tracking information, customs clearance, etc.

The influence of Fedex express in the United States, the customs clearance ability of goods is stronger. Fedex has abundant logistics resources from the United States, and the receiving price is low.

There are three main couriers for sending international express to the United States: FedEx, UPS and DHL. Among them, FedEx and UPS are both local express companies in the United States. They have strong customs clearance capabilities and fast delivery times.

Fedex shipping rates from China to USA

Fedex from China to USA cost:

The US shipping fee for FedEx express delivery, within the weight range of 21kg, the first weight is 0.5kg, and the additional weight is also 0.5kg. different. Usually, the heavier the goods, the lower the charge and the more cost-effective the postage.

Fedex from China to USA cost

Because FedEx international express agents can deliver a stable volume of goods to the official, it is natural to get a big discount. If you become a big customer of an agent, you can also enjoy a discounted price on the discounted price, which is naturally much cheaper than direct cooperation with the official.

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