Four important reasons to pack for international ocean shipping

Four important reasons to pack for international ocean shipping

As an integral part of the international shipping logistics system, packaging is very important, and has a very close relationship with transportation, storage, handling, distribution and processing. 

Packaging is the end of production and the starting point of logistics. Therefore, packaging should be considered according to the status of the logistics system, and logistics should also be constrained by packaging. 

A good packaging can not only protect the product, but also promote and beautify the product, increase the price of the product, attract customers and expand sales. Sales growth, and to a certain extent, reflects the level of technology, culture and art of the exporting country. Specifically, cargo packaging has the following four functions. 

Ensure cargo safety 

China’s exports are mainly shipped by sea. International shipping by sea has the characteristics of long transportation time and great climate change on the way. Therefore, the packaging of goods should be scientifically carried out according to the different characteristics of various goods, and it must be suitable for long-distance transportation to ensure the safety of the goods. 

For example, fresh fruit packaging must have ventilation holes, and the holes in the inner and outer layers must be able to meet the requirements of mutual ventilation. Fragile glass products, ceramic products, enamel products, etc., must have good pads to prevent collisions. 

If the goods are in the outer packaging of wooden boxes, they should be reinforced with hoop buckles after packing, so that they can withstand stacking, so as to prevent the outer packaging from breaking and disintegrating during loading and unloading. The main purpose of packaging the goods is to ensure that the goods that have been transported over long distances, handled and stored for many times arrive at the buyer’s location intact and undamaged, so as to ensure that the quality and quantity of the goods are intact during the circulation process. 

Easy to transport 

In order to reach the buyer’s location, the goods are often transported over long distances and loaded and unloaded multiple times. While protecting the goods, scientifically and rationally carry out packaging and transportation, which is convenient for transportation, loading and unloading, storage and storage, and prevents the goods from being damaged and poor during transportation. 

At the same time, packaging is one of the means to increase the added value of commodities. Therefore, under the conditions of science, firmness, beauty and marketability, the packaging of goods must also be carefully calculated. 

Promotional Goods 

Practical and beautiful packaging is to meet the needs of market competition, and convenient transportation (such as container transportation, pallet transportation) and easy display (such as small packaging suitable for supermarket display) are also necessary conditions for expanding sales. 

In addition to protecting the product, sales packaging can also promote sales. A good packaging can beautify the goods, attract customers to buy, and facilitate consumers to observe and carry the goods.

Execute the contract of sale of goods 

Packaging is part of the description of the goods and is usually specified in the contract. According to the laws of some countries, if the goods delivered by the buyer are not packaged in accordance with the agreed conditions or the packaging does not conform to industry practices, the buyer has the right to refuse the goods. 

For some special goods, if the goods are packaged according to the agreement, but mixed with other goods, the buyer has the right to reject the part of the package that violates the regulations, and can even reject all the goods. 

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