How is LCL used by companies from all over the world?

How is LCL used by companies from all over the world?

Now, almost every major manufacturing center in the world offers sea and air import LCL services. Customers worldwide can benefit from a wide range of service and price options.

The concept of import LCL service is that freight forwarders or carriers combine goods from multiple shippers into one transport unit, which is sent to different consignees in the destination country. Great care must be taken, especially with regard to dangerous goods, to ensure that the goods are compatible with each other and will not be damaged during actual transport or actual handling.


Over the years, the import LCL service has gradually moved from sea and road vehicles with the use of ferries, and this trend is still increasing.

The emergence of containerization has promoted the development of import LCL services at various origins around the world. The main countries initially were the US and Canada, and growth really took off when China became a major exporter of consumer goods. Today, shippers and freight forwarders have an almost dizzying array of ocean and air freight service options from all major global manufacturing centers.


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