How Shenzhen optimizes the process of air freight

How Shenzhen optimizes the process of air freight

From July 15th, Shenzhen Airport International Cargo Terminal has fully switched its export business to the “Smooth Flow Plan” supervision mode. At present, the Shenzhen Airport Port “Sea-Airport Smooth Flow Plan” has achieved 100% full coverage of the new model of export cargo clearance and is running smoothly.


Since the beginning of this year, Shenzhen Customs has successively launched a series of reforms in the “Sea and Air Port Smooth Flow Plan” in sea and air ports to optimize the cargo logistics mode supervised by Shenzhen Sea Port and Airport Customs, comprehensively improve the operational efficiency of sea and air ports, and help enhance the core engine function of Shenzhen’s logistics hub port.


Through the reform, Shenzhen Customs supports Shenzhen to build a demonstration model of an airport-type national logistics hub, improve the gathering and deployment capabilities of international and domestic aviation logistics resources, and innovatively launch logistics facilitation reforms based on the actual logistics operation of Shenzhen Airport.


This reform comprehensively optimizes the customs supervision mode, establishes a ‘pre-handling area’, and through ‘advance declaration, intelligent diversion, homeopathy inspection, and embedded supervision’, realizes the front-end cargo customs clearance process at the airport, and improves the overall connection of cargo customs clearance. Compress the time that the goods stay in the port area, and realize the efficient coordination between the operation of sea and airport enterprises and the customs clearance supervision.


After the trial operation of the Changliu plan, export goods that used to be shipped to the international cargo terminal at least 2 days in advance are now only required to arrive at the cargo terminal 4 hours in advance. Under the original model, no matter what link goes wrong in the processes of tally, board making, declaration, etc., it is very likely that the goods cannot be loaded and exported as scheduled, and the loss must be borne by the logistics company.


Now, we can flexibly adjust the declaration and entry time according to the different types of goods and export needs of customers. We can complete most of the customs clearance process in our own tally area and make advance declarations, which greatly facilitates enterprises and saves customs clearance costs. 


Shenzhen Customs will continue to promote the stability and improvement of foreign trade, further expand and deepen the reform of the “Sea-Airport Smooth Flow Plan” in Shenzhen’s seaports and airports, continuously optimize the port business environment, and shorten the customs clearance time.

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