How to choose the best freight service for international freight forward

How to choose the best freight service for international freight forward

The core services of a freight forwarding company are “cargo transportation, consolidation, storage, handling, packaging and distribution”. In addition, freight forwarders provide consulting and ancillary services such as “declaring cargo for official purposes, insuring the cargo, and receiving or obtaining payment or documentation related to the cargo”. So how to identify an excellent freight forwarding company?

Does this company have the necessary experience shipping to the country where you want to send or receive air freight?

For example, for import and export business, experienced trucking companies already know how to deal with customs agencies in other countries. Most likely, the company has built a strong express and freight network in the Middle East, Africa and Asia, or in South America, where trade laws are strict on outsiders. 

Do you have a good reputation in the industry?

Primarily, a courier company’s professional reputation is measured by the number of awards it has received in certain categories from prestigious awarding bodies in the freight services industry. 

Is the company a member of an officially recognized governing body for the freight services industry?

Freight companies that have membership in these national organizations receive limited coverage from liability insurance. As a member, freight forwarders must follow the best practices recommended by the industry, otherwise, the company will be subject to appropriate administrative or civil penalties for violating the Group’s regulations in accordance with the law.

Do you have extensive experience shipping multiple commodity types?

Freight forwarders who previously arranged shipments of electronic products such as laptops and cell phones for individual customers already knew how to pack these items safely and how to place their boxes inside shipping containers to prevent breakage in transit. Likewise, companies experienced in transporting perishable goods or frozen foods immediately understand that they must use refrigerated trucks to deliver these items.

Can this company handle situations where a multimodal system is required for certain shipments?

Does the company have the technical capability to quickly arrange air travel and then follow up on ocean freight needs. Does the company have the equipment and resources to deliver on time by land transportation?

The best freight forwarding companies not only provide fast door-to-door delivery, but also arrive by ensuring that customers’ goods remain intact and transported safely within their containers. It also means that a company’s customs broker must be prepared to supply its own fully loaded container if it decides that the container provided by the shipping company is simply not suitable for sea transportation.

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