How to distinguish the opening time and closing time of international shipping

How to distinguish the opening time and closing time of international shipping

Teach you how to distinguish the time of opening, gathering, closing time, and goods entering the port. The opening time and closing time are generally a few days before the departure of the ship. How to distinguish them in actual operation?


The port can put the container into the port, which is called opening port. The unpacking date can be predicted in advance, half a day or a day in advance can be done, there will be problems when purchasing, and the free box at the export is generally 7 days;


Containers are not allowed to enter the port in the port, and it is not necessarily known 7 days ago. Of course, the time is not necessarily 7 days, so it must be confirmed through documents, according to the cut-off period and the opening period, as well as the time of the container in transit. Determine when to bag.


1. Port opening time: the time when the port is allowed to be collected, that is, the time when the port starts. It was the night of May 10, such as the opening time at 18:00.


2. Port collection time: the period when the port can be collected, that is, the period from the opening of the port to the closing of the port. For example, arrival time: 18:00 on May 10th – 20:00 on May 12th.


3. Cut-off time: It is also called the deadline for the collection of ports. After this time point, the port cannot be collected, which means that you cannot catch up with this boat and can only wait for the next boat. For example, intercepted before 20:00 on May 12. Time has passed, and there is no gathering port, it will be too late, wait for the next boat.


But there are no rules to follow, and international shipping companies operate flexibly. In actual operation, as long as there is no explosive position or other special reasons, as long as the ship has not left the berth after the cut-off, it can still be expedited. This is generally called the application report (also called the late report), and the port cannot be collected before the interception. , but it’s not too big, it’s actually allowed, and the shipping company is able to schedule it and usually approve a reasonable shipping request as well.


If the cut-off time is exceeded, if it is impossible to receive the goods in the box, there are the following situations:


1. The port has not been opened (the port has been opened in advance, and the box has not been opened as planned).


2. The ship leaves (in this case, the drop box needs to be replaced).


3. The EDI information of the ship name and voyage is incorrect or not updated, please contact the international shipping freight forwarder to contact the booking port, and the booking port to contact the shipping agent to resend EDI to update the ship name and voyage.

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