How to Import Cars from China to the US

How to Import Cars from China to the US

Many people are increasingly interested in delivering high-quality new energy vehicles from China to the United States. In addition to the government’s strict maintenance compliance system, car owners are also looking forward to cars that combine power and aesthetics, imported from China to the United States.


The first thing to understand is the policies of both countries regarding imported cars. Follow these policies so you can easily import products from Japan to the United States.


Your new car must pass safety and emissions regulations, as well as anti-theft, bumper, steering and quarantine regulations. In the U.S. in particular, imported vehicles need to go through a series of agencies before they can enter the local driving scene.


To save time, effort and money, be very careful when choosing a car dealer. Check for proper certification to prevent surprises and disappointments when you buy.


There are many freight forwarding companies in China to choose from and make sure to complete the logistics arrangement. During the process, ensure the necessary documents such as licenses and registrations, bills of lading, customs clearance, etc., which will allow your new car to be quickly allowed through the sea.


Although delivery times may vary depending on the regional distance to the US and the number of ships, save the documents the dealer sends you and note the arrival date of your car as it will take a while.

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