How to ship large-sized goods by sea

How to ship large-sized goods by sea

Obviously there is a limit to how something can be packaged. For example, if you’re shipping a piece of granite, you’re unlikely to break it into smaller pieces just for shipping purposes. 


However, if you’re shipping almost anything else, you might miss out on some of the best shipping offers available. That’s why in this article, we’ll discuss some of the issues that arise when shipping oversized or overweight cargo. Read on to learn more.


A tailgate restriction is a weight and size restriction imposed by the carrier due to the restriction of the tailgate. These are safety precautions based on the fact that the tailgate can be safely loaded or unloaded. 


The weight limit is very simple. They represent how much weight the tailgate can carry without breaking. For example, if your shipment weighs 3000 pounds, but the tailgate can only hold 2000 pounds, it simply cannot lift the shipment to truck height. In the worst case, the tailgate might even be damaged.


The size limit indicates the length, width and height of the cargo that the tailgate can accommodate without risking the cargo to tip over or tip over. Typically, the length and width constraints are the same as the dimensions of the tailgate itself. Since the risk of damage to the cargo itself is much higher, the carrier does not allow any overhangs. 


You can run into size constraints in two ways:

●You can enter dimensions that exceed carrier limits on our quote page, which will only keep you from getting the best available rates for the lanes you want.


●You can enter incorrect information during the quote process and get a competitive quote that the carrier cannot honor at the time of pickup. 


The first of these two problems can be easily avoided if you are able to repack the shipment into several smaller pallets. As long as a single pallet can fit securely on the tailgate, you can get competitive prices and ship your cargo worry-free. 


You can also easily prevent the second problem because the goods are accurately measured and weighed before shipping or quoting. Rather than entering a lower size to get a rate that doesn’t work in the first place, consider renting a forklift or picking up/dropping your load at the carrier’s terminal.


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