Matters concerning the transport of open-top containers

Matters concerning the transport of open-top containers

Matters concerning the transport of open-top containers 

An open-top container is a special type of shipping container that does not have a fixed roof. They are designed to transport tall, oddly shaped, or oversized cargo. Thanks to the open top, many industries make it easy to transport tricky cargo, and this Dantful article takes you through all things open-top containers.


If this type of container sounds perfect for your shipping needs, your first question should go away. What is the next question? Since open caps are rare on the market, you may wonder where to find them at the best price from a reliable supplier.


Luckily, Dantful is the reliable shipping agent you have been looking for. We have over 20,000 containers in over 1000 locations worldwide.


Here, you can find special containers, such as open-top containers from reputable sellers at a price that suits you.


What is an Open Top container?

What is an Open Top container? 

An open-top container is similar to a standard dry cargo container but does not have a fixed roof. This container type is ideal for cargo that is large, bulky, or cannot be loaded through a standard container door.

As a result, cargo can be loaded from the top using a crane or other heavy-lifting equipment. In addition, you can buy open-top containers with doors on both ends.


How does Dantful keep the cargo safe during shipping?

How does Dantful keep the cargo safe during shipping? 

To protect the goods from the elements, we cover the top of the opening with a durable tarpaulin during transport. The hatches and doors can also be locked and sealed at customs to prevent the cargo from being tampered with or damaged.


Since tarpaulins are more difficult to lock than doors, they are often fitted with clamps that can only be unlocked with a special device. In addition, containers that open the top are monitored throughout the transit process to prevent theft and vandalism.


Because of the open top, odd-shaped and highly elongated cargo can be safely extended out of the container if needed while still being covered by a tarpaulin. The open top can be stacked if the cargo is horizontal, but it is impossible to stack if it sticks out. In this case, the open tops are usually separated to prevent damage. The cargo is then secured with tie-down loops to prevent it from moving or sliding during transit.


The capacity of the open-top container

Open-top containers come in two main sizes:20 feet and 40 feet. Choosing the right size for your shipment will depend on the size and weight of your shipment. It is important to calculate these before deciding which container size to buy.


A 20-foot open-top container has a capacity of 32.7 cubic meters / 1,155 cubic feet, and a 40-foot container has a capacity of 66.7 Cubic meters / 2,356 cubic feet. We will cover each size in more detail later.


Common uses for open-top containers:

Common uses for open-top containers 

As we mentioned above, open-top containers are great for goods that exceed the height or width limits of a standard container and are too large to be loaded through a standard container door.


If you are moving the following types of goods, you can consider using an open-top container:

  • Large/odd-shaped mechanical
  • pipes
  • Long rebars
  • Spool scrap
  • bulk coal
  • trees
  • Building materials
  • Glass panel
  • logs or timbre
  • Other supplies


20 ‘open-top container dimensions


The 20 ‘open-top container is one of the most commonly used container sizes. It is lightweight and ideal for larger or over-the-top sizes.

Small shipments of goods. Now, let us look at the dimensions of a 20-foot open-top container.

Measure the dimensions of a 20-foot open-top container

20-foot open-top container 


40 ft open-top container dimensions

While at it, let us look at the dimensions and specifications of a 40-foot open-top container. This size is ideal if you have larger shipments.

40 ft open-top container size 


How much does an open-top sea container cost?


Now that you know the purpose and size of an open-top container, we are sure you will also be curious about its price. It is important to note that shipping costs for containers fluctuate constantly and depend on the following factors:

  • Location
  • Container size
  • Type of container
  • Current supply and demand of container type
  • Container status (brand new, ready, WWT, As-Is)


Check out the prices of 20 and 40-foot open-top containers worldwide right now.


Matters concerning the transport of open-top containers 


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How do I buy and lease an open-top container and get the best deal?


So, you want to get open-top containers to meet your unique shipping needs? Bravo! With Dantful, you can finally buy and rent open-top containers quickly and easily from the comfort of your office.

We are here to show you how right now. First, know exactly what price or rental rate you will pay for an open roof.

Please do some research so that you can spot a good offer and avoid paying over the odds for the container when you see a good offer.


Determine your criteria


In addition to price, you must decide on the following before you begin your search:

  • The bit you want to place the container in
  • The size you want to buy or rent
  • The Container condition (brand new, suitable, WWT, As-Is)


Get open top containers on Dantful at the best price


Now everything is ready! Contact us on Dantful, and we can list the best options based on your needs.

Buy open-top containers at the best price on Dantful There you have it! You now have all the information you need to transport large and oversized shipments safely and efficiently.

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