Reasons for the speed of customs clearance of goods in international logistics

Reasons for the speed of customs clearance of goods in international logistics

International logistics refers to the process of organizing the reasonable flow and transportation of goods internationally. International logistics cross borders. Due to the different management systems between countries, it is necessary to complete the transportation of goods through the customs of various countries and transport the goods to designated locations.

Different countries have different customs systems, and there are also certain differences in customs procedures. In order to pass the customs as soon as possible, it is necessary to coordinate all aspects, because customs clearance not only involves customs, but also involves ports, commodity inspection, cargo owners and other aspects.

Factors in customs declaration

The customs clearance of goods in the international logistics process is a systematic project, involving a wide range of operators, and there are many uncertain factors in itself. In general, customs clearance efficiency is affected by laws and regulations, external environment, organizational factors, business processes, etc., which affect customs clearance efficiency. Among these factors, customs clearance is the direct factor affecting the efficiency of customs clearance. At present, China Customs is in line with international standards in customs declaration, that is, customs declaration, document review, inspection, and release. Although they are the same as international standards, they have their own characteristics. These four links are consistent, but compared with other countries, they have their own characteristics.

Tariff monitoring and risk management

In international logistics management, customs supervision and risk management are important links to control the customs clearance process of various goods, which can effectively reduce the risks brought by some illegal customs clearance behaviors. The stricter the customs supervision and risk management, the slower the customs clearance of goods, the simpler the customs supervision and risk management, and the more convenient customs clearance.

Since the traditional customs supervision mode is formed under the traditional customs management mode, the difference between each link is very obvious, so that the various processes in the flow of goods are also separated. At the same time, the powers of document review and cargo management are generally concentrated. In a sector, the constraints of this sector may lead to some risks due to loose management of the sector.

Personnel quality reasons

Modern customs operations need to improve personnel efficiency operation management to improve the efficiency of customs clearance of goods. At present, China Customs has a huge team of staff, and the overall process is slightly longer. Second, the quality of import and export agents and customs declarers is not high, resulting in frequent errors in the process of making customs declarations and affecting customs clearance efficiency.

In a word, customs clearance is an important link in the international logistics process. There are many factors in the customs clearance process that affect the efficiency of customs clearance. To this end, we should actively strengthen the control of various influencing factors, optimize the customs clearance environment, improve the customs clearance system, and continuously improve customs clearance efficiency.

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