The significance of international freight forwarding in international logistics

The significance of international freight forwarding in international logistics

Many foreign trade friends will wonder why international freight forwarders exist. In fact, they can also directly send the goods to foreign destinations, but they will spend more effort. However, in international logistics trade, what is the significance of international freight forwarding in international logistics?


International freight forwarders, depending on the goods, also have overseas agents. Freight forwarding refers to the general term for providing various transportation services for cargo transportation needs and transportation capacity providers in the field of circulation.


They serve the whole society and are the bridge and link between cargo owners and transport capacity providers.


Positioning and shipping are always at the heart of everyone’s attention and competition. We are working hard to build relationships with upstream shipping capacity providers. After acquiring the core resources, we only hired a large number of salespeople to sell. I feel like I am entertaining or socializing every day.


The larger the quantity of this shipment, the more manpower the international freight forwarding company has. Service jobs such as operations, documentation, customer service, finance, etc. are increasingly paid, and labor-intensive industries are very dependent on labor.


The profits of the freight forwarding industry mainly come from the freight difference, service fees and operation links. With the increasing degree of Internetization in the industry, the information is becoming more and more transparent, and the freight difference is almost gone. Air tickets are usually sold directly at the cost price plus thirty or fifty cents.


Service fees mainly come from customs declaration, inspection, booking, documents, trailers and other links. With the merger of customs and commercial inspections and the electronicization of online customs declarations, many customs brokers have seen their profits plummet and are on the verge of survival.


International freight forwarding operations mainly rely on the cost-optimized profits brought by the volume ratio of commodities and the scale effect. At present, the core profit of a large number of international freight forwarders actually comes from the operation link.


As an independent operator, an international freight forwarder completes and organizes cargo transportation, storage and other businesses, so it is considered as the organizer of international transportation, and is also known as the bridge of international trade and the designer of international cargo transportation.


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