Types of International Logistics Cargo Clearance

Types of International Logistics Cargo Clearance

What are the main types of international logistics customs clearance? For multinational e-commerce companies, international express customs clearance is a step they attach great importance to, so a detailed understanding of the main customs declaration types of international express delivery has become a necessary preparation.


Choice is an art, and a good choice may make you more successful than usual, so we must also pay attention to international logistics customs clearance and choose the one that suits you.


In foreign trade, express transportation is an indispensable and important link, and it is also a common way of cooperation between Chinese foreign trade enterprises and cross-border e-commerce sellers.


Many people think that all customs clearance matters are the responsibility of the freight forwarding company, but in fact this is not the case, so today we will take a look at the main customs clearance methods of international express delivery.https://www.dantful.com/


1. Customs clearance for recipients of logistics companies


International logistics companies such as DHL International Logistics, TNT International Logistics, FedEx International Logistics, UPS International Express and other international logistics companies provide door-to-door services. These logistics companies will carry out unified customs declaration processing, advance payment, and charge customers for delivery. In market economy countries such as Europe and the United States, the legal system is sound and customs clearance is smooth without any problems.


2. Customs clearance of courier companies


When the courier is responsible for customs clearance, if there is a problem, the customer needs to confirm the value of the goods, the tax number, the documents required to authorize the goods, the recipient’s address information, etc., but this is a better way. It can be solved, which is a better way.


3. The customs clearance of the agent recipient


One message reads “Deliveredtobrokerasrequested – The courier has been handed over to the recipient’s designated clearance agent for customs clearance and delivery”. That is, the agent of the recipient clears the customs on behalf of the customer. At this time, it is necessary to confirm whether the goods have been received.https://www.dantful.com/


For three reasons, the recipient sets up an agent to assist in customs clearance. There are usually three reasons: First, it is difficult to clear customs in the country, and the customer’s foreign trade import and export amount is large. Arranging an agent can save worry and is convenient and fast.


4. Recipient’s customs clearance


Recipient clearance appears in countries where customs are difficult. But in general, this phenomenon rarely occurs, like some countries in South America, customers will specify the use of federal or DHL for delivery.


Goods may not be cleared, returned or confiscated. The goods cannot be cleared, returned or confiscated. If the customs checks that the goods involve infringement or forged licenses, or the goods that the local government expressly prohibits the import, there will be a problem that the customs cannot be cleared, but some companies have a way to arrange, and the price will be higher.


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