What are the advantages of the final road transport of goods?

What are the advantages of the final road transport of goods?

Highway transportation is a method of transporting passengers and goods on the road. It is one of the components of the transportation system.


1. Strong adaptability

Since the road transportation network is generally more than ten times denser than the railway and waterway networks, and the distribution area is also wide, the road transportation vehicles can be “everywhere and all the time”.


Road transportation is also more mobile in terms of time, vehicles can be dispatched and shipped at any time, and the connection time between each link is short.


2. Direct transportation

Due to the small size of the car, it generally does not need to be replaced in the middle. In addition to running along the widely distributed road network, it can also leave the road network and go deep into factories and enterprises, rural fields, and urban residential buildings.


Road transportation can directly transport goods from the gate of the origin to the gate of the destination, realizing “door-to-door” direct transportation. This is one of the characteristics that other modes of transportation cannot compare with road transportation.


3. Faster delivery

In medium and short-distance transportation, because road transportation can achieve “door-to-door” direct transportation, the goods can be directly transported to the destination without the need for reverse transportation or transfer in the middle.


Therefore, compared with other modes of transportation, it has shorter transit time and faster delivery.


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