What are the charges for cold chain logistics? Why are the prices so high?

What are the charges for cold chain logistics? Why are the prices so high?

Cold chain logistics generally refers to a systematic project in which the goods to be transported are always in a specified low temperature environment in all aspects of production, storage, transportation, sales and distribution to ensure quality and reduce losses.


Cold chain logistics has high requirements on equipment, technology, personnel, etc., and the entire link is in a low temperature state to ensure the seamless connection of the entire supply chain. This is an area that reflects the intersection of logistics, capital flow and information flow.


Reasonable cold chain design can not only achieve efficient transportation and ensure the quality of products during transportation, but also reduce costs, improve customer service quality, and create greater customer value.


1. Cold chain logistics freight price


The professional cold chain logistics quotation is based on the inventory capacity, that is, the storage weight per square meter and the number of kilometers of transportation. Different seasons and different routes have different transportation prices. At present, the price of cold chain logistics depends on the specific cargo conditions and transportation distance.


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Second, the reasons for the high price of cold chain transportation

1. It is difficult to transport

It is very difficult to carry out cold chain logistics transportation whether in winter or summer, mainly because the value of goods transported by cold chain logistics is relatively high, and the temperature in the compartment must be consistent all the time. This is ordinary logistics. The transportation method is difficult to achieve, so the structure of cold chain logistics transportation is different from that of ordinary logistics transportation vehicles, so the cost of input is different, and the price also goes up.


2. High requirements for transportation efficiency

In the domestic cold chain logistics transportation, all links have been compressed to achieve a high-efficiency logistics transportation method. If the efficiency of logistics transportation is to be improved, more manpower and equipment will be required, which increases the number of cold chain logistics. The cost of transportation will also remain high.


3. High risk of transportation

The reason for the high price of cold chain logistics transportation is that the risk of transportation is relatively large, because when carrying out cold chain logistics transportation, the safety of the goods must be guaranteed, and the most important thing to ensure the safety of the goods is temperature control, so the It is necessary to invest more high-tech technology to process the freshness of goods, which is also the reason why the price of cold chain logistics remains high.


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