What are the dangers of international logistics and transportation?

What are the dangers of international logistics and transportation?

Due to the complex and long mileage of international logistics and transportation, there will be certain risks in the transportation process. Dantful Freight Forwarding. www.dantful.com. Introduce you to the risks in international logistics, what are the countermeasures?


What are the dangers of international logistics and transportation?


1. Mail dangerous goods

International logistics, transportation, and mailing are not allowed to import and export items, including flammable and explosive items, and interfere with flight signals. If the export commodities contain dangerous goods, the seller shall, in accordance with the regulations of the airline, provide corresponding certificates of dangerous goods and safety certificates of related products.


2. Customs seized goods

Infringement in international logistics and transportation, inconsistency between the declared value of the goods and the actual value, and the need to return the goods, discard the parts locally, and destroy them are common problems at the customs.


3. Risks during transportation

Due to the long-distance transportation of international logistics, packaging sometimes needs to be transferred, and problems such as packaging damage and loss may occur during transportation; delays caused by weather factors; rough classification will cause packaging damage and other risks.


What are the countermeasures?


1. Export according to customs regulations

According to the requirements of relevant departments, if it is necessary to provide corresponding safety certificates, corresponding preparations should be made in advance. Goods not permitted for consignment may not be exported.


2. Handle insured transportation procedures

The carrier is responsible for compensating for damage to the goods. If the cargo is damaged, lost, delayed, the carrier will declare the value of the cargo based on the actual loss of the international cargo.


3. Buy air transport insurance

In order to prevent any dangers that occur during the carriage of goods by air, including loss of and damage to the goods; due to the immunity or limitation of liability enjoyed by the carrier, the shipper may provide air transport insurance for the goods. If the insurance amount underwritten by the international logistics transport carrier is not less than the value of the goods, the insurer shall calculate the goods within the scope of insurance according to the actual damage of the goods.


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