What are the quotations of freight forwarders

What are the quotations of freight forwarders

Freight rates have been rising in recent years due to COVID-19 and fluctuating oil prices, all of which are highly dependent on shipping costs directly related to fuel prices.


The low visibility of future freight costs and the high complexity of freight quotes, freight forwarders’ freight quotes are often kept in multiple spreadsheets, and often each freight forwarder has a different freight rate format for the customer.


This task can be daunting when customers are shipping hundreds of shipments each month. Some organizations have the manpower to perform freight audits themselves, and the labor and tedious work required for freight audits is often much more expensive than what an outsourced provider can provide.


General freight forwarders allow customers to utilize their shipment and package capacity and make calculations based on freight quotes, with detailed shipment sequences, customers can investigate freight costs through product line reports or interface payments to their ERP system.


Freight quote reports can be generated to assess freight forwarder shipping costs, negotiate better freight deals or consolidate shipments to freight forwarders for better rates. Customers can refer to the freight forwarder’s proposed shipping cost calculation for a new freight or package and determine if this is a good fit for their business model.


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