What documents are required for shipping goods by sea

What documents are required for shipping goods by sea

Shipping your goods by sea in international trade requires the completion of various documents.


You will need an Export Cargo Shipping Instructions, which is a document you provide to the shipping company detailing your shipment and shipping instructions.


1. Shipping bill


If you use the services of a freight forwarder, they will do the work for you. You will also need one of the following: Shipping For normal shipments, a Standard Shipping Note (SSN) is required, providing the information needed to properly handle the shipment at the port of loading.


If you are transporting dangerous goods, a Dangerous Goods Description (DGN) is required at this time, detailing the nature of the goods and the dangers they pose.


2. Bill of Lading


This is issued by the carrier to indicate that the goods have been received. It also provides proof of the contract of carriage and acts as a title document for the goods.


3. Sea waybill


A sea waybill is similar to a bill of lading, the main difference being that it does not confer title, so it is faster and easier to use. Sea waybill is used in situations where there is a good relationship between buyers and sellers or where ownership has not actually changed hands, such as when goods are being transported between different departments of the same company.


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