What is Bonded Logistics

What is Bonded Logistics

Bonded logistics refers to a service business operation in which the operator, with the approval of the customs, implements the spatial displacement process of the goods entering the country without going through the tax payment formalities from the place of supply to the place of demand.


In the supply chain, it is reflected in the simple processing business and the corresponding value-added services such as procurement, transportation, storage, testing, distribution, distribution, transit, transshipment, packaging, labeling, modification, assembly, assembly, distribution, and allocation.


The source of bonded logistics goods can be domestic goods that enjoy tax rebates, or foreign goods from abroad that enjoy the advantages of bonded and certificate-free. On the way up, goods can either enter the domestic market after being taxed or be transported to other countries.


Bonded logistics is the intersection hub of international and domestic logistics, a medium connecting foreign raw material places, international sales places, domestic manufacturing places and consumption places. Value-added services are equal to one product, and it is an inevitable product of the modern logistics industry in line with the development of global economic integration.


As a bridge connecting international and domestic logistics, bonded logistics can meet the dual needs of international and domestic markets, and greatly enrich and enhance the development of the logistics industry.


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