What is the operation process of cargo land transportation?

What is the operation process of cargo land transportation?

Road transport is the method of transporting goods before they are shipped across borders. It has the following 9 shipping processes. It is one of the components of the transportation system.


1. Take orders

The road transport supervisor accepts (fax) the transport dispatch plan from the client. The road transportation dispatch receives the outbound delivery document from the customer. Check documents.


2. Registration

The transportation schedule is divided into delivery destinations on the registration form, and the delivery number is calibrated by the receiving customer. The driver (designated person and vehicle) goes to the transportation dispatch center to get the bill of lading, and confirm the receipt on the transportation book.


3. Call Arrangement

Fill out the shipping plan. Fill in the transit, delivery, tracking feedback form. Computer input.


4. Fleet handover

According to the delivery direction, weight, volume, and overall arrangement of vehicles. Report the transportation plan to the customer, and confirm the delivery time to the factory.


5. Pick-up and delivery

Arrive at the customer pickup warehouse on time. Check the condition of the vehicle. Carry out the delivery procedure. Pick up the goods, cover the carport, and lock the doors. Complete the factory procedures. Phone to notify the receiving customer of the expected arrival time.


6. Tracking on the go

Create a receiving customer file. The driver provides timely feedback of information on the way. Contact the receiving customer by phone for the delivery status. Fill out the tracking record. If there is any abnormal situation, please contact the customer in time.


7. Arrived to sign

Phone or fax to confirm arrival time. The driver will fax the receipt back to the company by EMS or FAX. Sign for the shipping note. Send receipts to customers on a regular basis.


8. Receipt

Arrive at the designated unloading location on time and accurately. Goods handover. 100% sign for receipt, to ensure that the quantity and quality of the transported products are consistent with the customer’s delivery order. Find out how the delivery person is selling the customer’s product in the local market.


9. Transportation settlement

Organize bills of payment. Prepare the fee summary table and submit it to the customer, and return it to the settlement center after confirmation. The settlement center issues an invoice and charges the customer for the freight.


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