Billing method for road transportation of goods in China

1. Calculation standard


The road freight is calculated in “ton/mile”. Generally, there are two calculation standards. One is to specify the basic freight rate according to the grade of the goods, and the other is to specify the basic freight rate according to the road level.


Where a transportation route includes two or more grades of highways, the freight rates shall be calculated based on the actual mileage. Special roads, such as mountain ridges, riverbeds, and wilderness areas, shall be negotiated by both parties.


2. Freight rates


Road freight rates are divided into two types: vehicle logistics (VL, Vehicle logistics) and less-than-carload freight. The latter is generally 30-50% higher than the former, and the LTL rate applies.


Any one kilogram of cargo, with a volume exceeding four cubic decimeters, is a light foam cargo (or a size cargo Measurement Cargo).


The freight of the whole vehicle light foam goods is calculated according to the approved tonnage of the loaded vehicle; the part load light foam goods are calculated according to their length, width and height.


In addition, there is a Lump Sum Rate, which is calculated according to the time (hours or days) of the vehicle.


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