Dantful Logistic | Cargo ship from China to USA

Dantful Logistic | Cargo ship from China to USA

Amazon sellers and users are growing more and more around the world. Buyers all hope that their goods can reach them safely and quickly, especially in terms of logistics timeliness. Perfect according to the needs of customers.


In particular, the large sellers will ship a lot of goods each time. If they ship by air each time, it will be fast, but the cost of FBA first-way logistics is too high. Then the demand for clippers is becoming more and more obvious. Compared with air transportation, clippers are very cost-effective, and the time limit is slightly slower than that of air transportation, but the price is much cheaper than that of air transportation.

china to usa by ship

Generally, sellers will take the goods separately, and a small part of the urgent goods will be shipped by FBA by air, and the large goods will be shipped by fast ship. It can not only meet the needs of emergency replenishment of stores, but also save a large part of the cost of logistics. Then cargo ship China to USA, what kind of fast ships can we choose?


Mason Clippers:

The predecessor of MATSON Clipper was an arms shipping company. Its cargo ships were converted from arms transporting ships into cargo ships. Its speed was the fastest cargo ship in the Pacific Ocean, and Matson Clipper had its own exclusive port. There is no port congestion, so basically the container can be picked up the next day after it arrives at the port. Since entering China in 2005 to open up the Pacific Ocean shipping route, there are anchor points in Xiamen, Ningbo and Shanghai, each of which stops for one day for loading, and finally departs from Shanghai to the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles, with an aging time of about 15-18 working days to pick up the goods. And the punctuality rate is very high, which is the best choice for the Clippers in East China.


star clipper:

ZIM is an Israeli shipping company and one of the top ten shipping companies in the world. It has strong strength and a global shipping network all over the world. It established a branch in China in 1998 and has more than 30 branches and representative offices across the country. The Star Express route departs from Dachan Bay and Yantian Port in Shenzhen. The Pacific America West Route will call at the Los Angeles port of the United States after departure; the Atlantic America East Route will call at the New York port after departure.

china to usa by ship

Yantian Clipper:

Before the Yixing Clipper has opened a route, it is necessary to send the clipper to Shanghai or Ningbo to take the Mason Clipper, or the Yantian Clipper, the Evergreen EMC Clipper that the Yantian Clipper takes, from Shenzhen Yantian Port Departure, direct to the port of Los Angeles. The aging time is slightly slower than the previous two clippers, and the price is also much more affordable.


Dantful International Logistics focuses on Amazon FBA logistics warehousing clearance and delivery services, and the US FBA first journey. The Mason Clipper arrives at the port in 11 days, and delivers it to the door in 15-18 days throughout the United States. It can be double-cleared and tax-included to the door without you worrying about it. It can provide you with one-stop service, help you save logistics costs and save logistics time. For more information on China to USA by ship and more detailed shipping costs, please consult the official customer service.

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