Freight forwarder China to USA Amazon

Freight forwarder China to USA Amazon

Amazon shipping from China to US:
As an internationally renowned cross-border e-commerce platform, most foreign trade companies and sellers of cross-border e-commerce sell goods through Amazon. This is also accompanied by the arrival of e-commerce logistics, providing high-quality cross-border transportation services for e-commerce.

Freight forwarder China to USA Amazon FBA:

FBA shipping is the stocking method that many Amazon sellers choose. It has low logistics costs and can also increase product exposure. There are many FBA first-way freight forwarders from China to the United States, Europe and other countries. Which FBA shipping is better?

Freight forwarder China to USA Amazon

Shipping cost from China to USA Amazon FBA:
Take a look at the strength of FBA ocean freight forwarding, and whether there is a dedicated shipping line channel. For example, Zhongxun International has great advantages in the Amazon FBA shipping in the United States, and a variety of transportation options are available for customers to choose to meet customers’ requirements for price and timeliness.

Amazon shipping from China to US

Amazon is not responsible for the seller’s customs clearance, we need the Amazon fba shipping freight forwarding company with strong customs clearance capabilities to help us clear customs. If the customs clearance ability is relatively poor, it will cause the goods to be stranded in the customs. 

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