How to choose a freight forwarder in the US

How to choose a freight forwarder in the US

If you import purchased items for retail or manufacturing purposes, your company needs to be confident that the goods will arrive on time and in good condition. Whether your company is importing or exporting goods, it is crucial to choose a reliable freight forwarding company to meet your requirements.


A Google search for “freight forwarder” will reveal how many companies are involved in this market, so how do you choose a company you can trust? Probably the most important thing to think about is who you might know who has used a freight forwarder or logistics company. If you can’t rely on your friend’s past experience, there are many other factors to consider. In the UK, freight forwarders are not licensed, but many are members of the British International Freight Association (BIFA), which regulates its members to ensure adherence to best practice. Many UK companies providing freight forwarding services will also be members of FIATA.


If anything goes wrong, manufacturing can be delayed or stopped, and late arrivals will cause a gap in the retail environment, ultimately costing your company valuable capital. If you’re exporting goods, then you also have to trust that your customers won’t be disappointed with delayed deliveries, after all, it’s unacceptable to keep blaming shipping delays when you’re providing quality freight service.


A true freight forwarder is not only able to provide logistics for your cargo, whether by land, air or sea, but also act as a carrier, not just a freight forwarder. Leading freight companies will also be able to provide warehousing, storage, pick and pack facilities and multi-destination distribution.


Another important aspect that is often overlooked when choosing a freight forwarder is freight insurance. It is important to be clear who is responsible for the safety and security of your cargo during import and export. Freight forwarders do not include this insurance service, and many smaller freight companies offer low-rate LCL and shipping without insurance.


It is important to determine on your quotation how much your shipment will be insured and who will be responsible for these costs. Major freight forwarders offer freight insurance as part of the service. Some freight forwarders offer specialized services, especially for high-value or unwieldy shipments, so it pays to be as specific as possible if you start searching on a search engine.


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