How to ship personal items to the US

How to ship personal items to the US

U.S. citizens are eligible for certain duty-free shipping when shipping household items including clothing, jewelry, photographic and recording equipment, and similar items, as long as you have owned and used these items for at least one year, and these items are for personal use only .


Duty free also applies to shipping your personal items including tableware, art, furniture, bed linen, books Please also note that the required years of use do not have to be consecutive.


You may not ship inherited items to the U.S. duty-free unless the items meet the specific criteria below, and you have the required documentation to prove this age.


Usually, if the inherited goods do not qualify for full tax exemption, the duty on the inherited goods is small.


When you want to import household and personal items into the United States, you need to fill out some important paperwork. You need to fill out customs forms, customs declarations, declarations for accompanying goods, free entry for non-accompanying items.


When you ship your shipment to the U.S., your personal and/or household items must be cleared through U.S. Customs at the first port of arrival of your shipment, unless you have made prior arrangements with the forwarder to deliver your shipment to customs custody and bonded from the port of arrival to a more convenient port of entry for customs clearance. If you want to know more about this process, Dantful freight forward offers such a service.

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