International freight forwarding skills to solve mistakes

International freight forwarding skills to solve mistakes

Due to its particularity, large-scale freight forwarding companies in international freight forwarding will have customer complaints in their daily business operations. How to deal with complaints is what we usually call crisis public relations.


Operational errors that may occur in day-to-day business


1. Operational errors of personnel. The packaging of the goods is damaged; the documents are not up to standard; the customs declaration/inspection is wrong; the transportation time is delayed; the customs clearance documents are not returned in time; the shipping space cannot be guaranteed; the goods are lost or damaged during transportation.


2. The international shipping made mistakes in operation. The service of the consignee fails to meet the requirements of the other party, so that the consignee complains to the shipper, which affects the cooperative relationship between the international company and the shipper.


3, the customer’s own mistakes. The customer-side salesman made mistakes in his own operations, but passed it on to the international logistics company in order to avoid punishment; the customer-side salesperson had his own logistics channels and was forced to cooperate due to the pressure of the superior or the designated goods, but deliberately made things difficult in the cooperation.


4. Force majeure factors. Delays, losses, etc. due to weather, war, strikes, accidents, etc.


All of the above situations will cause customers to complain to the company, and the company will have different results in handling customer complaints, which will change the business relationship between the company and customers.


Customers will react differently to different mistakes


1. An occasional small mistake, the customer will complain. The loss to the customer is small, and the company handles it well, resulting in a stable customer relationship for many years.


2. Continuous or larger errors will be complained by customers. The customer complained that the customer service staff did not handle it well. At this time, the customer received the customer’s complaint and turned to the freight forwarder.


Properly handled, complaints will bring corresponding business opportunities. The customer’s complaint is well resolved, and he will tell the customer about this satisfactory experience, at least three times.


According to the research of professional research institutes, the successful resolution of customer complaints has an advertising effect that is 2-3 times higher than that of media advertising. When customers who solve problems well will be more loyal to customers than other customers, they will even actively praise and promote the products and services of the freight forwarding company.


Tips for Handling Customer Complaints


Accept customers’ complaints humbly and listen to each other’s complaints patiently. Customers only complain when their interests are damaged. As a customer service staff, they should listen carefully, understand customers, and keep them in mind.


When the customer’s statement is completed, repeat the main content and seek the customer’s opinion. For minor complaints, if they can solve the problem, they should immediately reply to the customer. For those that cannot be answered at that time, make a time commitment. Be sure to reply to the customer until the issue is resolved.


Put yourself in your shoes and think in another’s shoes. When receiving customer complaints, you must first have a sense of empathy. If it is our own fault, we must first apologize on behalf of the company and design a solution for it from the customer’s standpoint.


No matter what freight forwarding company is, there will be some mistakes, no doubt about it. But how to deal with mistakes perfectly or minimize losses as much as possible, Dantful Logistics is professional, and it is a very correct choice to cooperate with us!

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