International shipping medium liner

International shipping medium liner

A liner usually refers to a ship that has a fixed route along the way, stops at multiple fixed ports, and sails according to a prescribed timetable.


For the port of call, consignment is generally accepted regardless of the quantity of goods. Routes, ports, shipping schedules, and freight rates are relatively fixed; ship types on the same route are similar, maintaining a certain flight density; packaging and unloading charges within the international shipping freight rate; the rights, obligations and liability exemptions of both parties are based on the terms of the bill of lading.


1. “Four fixed”, namely fixed route and port of call, fixed sailing schedule (published in newspapers, or direct shipper), fixed freight rate.


2. The loading and unloading fees related to the “pipe loading and unloading” of the liner company have been included in the rate table, and demurrage and express delivery fees are not calculated.


3. The contract of carriage and the rights and obligations of both parties are based on the liner bill of lading issued by the shipping company or its agent.


4. The cargo transportation is flexible, no matter the variety or quantity, as long as there is space, it is acceptable, and it is more suitable for the transportation of sporadic cargo and general cargo in international trade.


5. The delivery of goods by international shipping is generally at the terminal warehouse designated by the shipping company.


Liability between carrier and shipper


Liner carrier refers to the party who provides the vessel and is responsible for the transportation in the liner carriage contract. The shipper is the party who entrusts the carrier to transport the goods in the international ocean liner transportation contract.


The basic obligation of the carrier is to fully transport the goods to the designated place within a reasonable period of time and deliver them to the consignee. The basic obligation of the international ocean shipper is to prepare the consignment in accordance with the agreed time, quality and quantity, to ensure the continuous operation of the ship, and to pay the relevant fees in a timely manner.


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