Is it better to use a freight forwarder or opt for logistics?

Is it better to use a freight forwarder or opt for logistics?

Your freight service provider will be responsible for arranging all carriers and transportation required to get your shipment to its final destination. Typically, you won’t use a freight forwarder for local or domestic relocations because the logistics involved with such shipments are not as complex as those involved with international shipments – the same can’t be said for sending goods overseas. When sending goods overseas, it is best to rely on the expertise of a professional freight forwarder.


By definition, a freight forwarder provider is a third-party provider responsible for all the logistics involved in moving goods from one place to another.


If you need such shipping services, you must find a good freight forwarding company. Ask and find out if other companies use their recommended freight forwarding providers. If you get a good referral then you are likely to be well served, however, you should also compare prices and services before committing to any freight forwarding service.


A good freight forwarding service will give you options and will work for you, not the shipping company. A good freight forwarder will find the most economical and fastest route for your shipment. If you have a budget they will know how to ship your items within that budget and if money is not an object then they will find the exact type of carrier you want so your item arrives exactly where you want it time and place.


Individuals who need a freight forwarder include those preparing for an international move. Preparing to move an entire house requires organization and planning. If you’re not used to planning an event like this, you’ll have a steep learning curve to quickly learn all the steps you need to take in order to prepare your belongings for safe passage. If you don’t want the headache of planning the shortest shipping route, the most efficient carrier, the right insurance, the right storage, and the right shipping, freight forwarders can be very handy.

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