Southern China welcomes MSC SENTOSA route

Southern China welcomes MSC SENTOSA route

On July 27, as the “Vega” MSC VEGA successfully berthed at the Mawan Port Area, the newly upgraded US-West direct express “SENTOSA” officially docked at the China Merchants Port (South China) Operation Center. The third trans-Pacific route added to the South China Operations Center.


Provide weekly service to the West Coast of the United States


The SENTOSA route is independently operated by Mediterranean ocean Shipping, and 9 8500-15000TEU container ships are now operating. The port sequence of this route is Port Klang-Singapore-Tanjung Pelebas Port-Laem Chabang-Vung Tau-Dai Chan Bay- Shekou-Long Beach-Oakland-Seattle-Vung Tau-Port Klang.


The South China Operation Center is its last port of call in China. The cargo departs from Shekou, and it only takes 14 days to reach the West Coast of the United States, which enriches the flexibility of customers in South China in the arrangement of seats in the United States and West, and the highly competitive voyage time is also suitable for import and export. Providers offer better options.

Rich route layout, providing combined services


In order to meet the shipping needs of our customers, the South China Operation Center has joined hands with liner companies to continuously develop trans-Pacific routes and optimize the route layout on the basis of a stable near-ocean route network.


Customers in the Pearl River Delta near Shenzhen can also connect the efficient and fast maritime logistics channel between South China and the West Coast of the United States through innovative business models such as the dense barge network service in the South China operation center and the combined port. 


In the future, the South China Operation Center will continue to improve the service level to ensure the stability and smoothness of the international supply chain.

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