What are Prohibited and Restricted Items for Shipping to the U.S

What are Prohibited and Restricted Items for Shipping to the U.S

In order to protect the safety of the country and its people, certain items are restricted from being shipped to the United States. Items that are prohibited from being shipped to the U.S. include:

Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

drug paraphernalia

Obscene articles and publications

Dangerous goods such as fireworks and toxic substances

Products produced by forced labor

Most switch blade knives



It is illegal to import goods made from dog and cat hair into the United States.

There are import licenses and restrictions on the shipment of any type of firearm or ammunition to the United States.

In addition, fully automatic weapons, semi-automatic assault-type weapons, and non-sporting firearms and ammunition are strictly prohibited.

If you bring certain prescription drugs with you into the United States, be sure to properly identify any drugs in the original container. Carry only the amount you would normally need to carry as an individual with a specific condition.

Be sure to have a written statement and prescription from your personal doctor that this medication is being used under the doctor’s direction and that it is necessary.

Any drug not approved by the U.S. FDA may not be imported into the United States.

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