What are the common forms of international logistics

What are the common forms of international logistics ?

Nowadays, there are more and more multinational e-commerce exporters. Every time an order is placed in a business, the first question to consider is how to choose express logistics to send the goods abroad. Generally speaking, as long as it is a small seller, it can be shipped through the platform, and channels such as international parcels can be selected.


Now big sellers or independent platform sellers need to optimize logistics costs, consider customer experience, integrate logistics resources, and explore new forms of logistics, so we must first understand what is a cross-border e-commerce international logistics model?


1. Postal mode

The postal network basically covers the whole world and is a breadth in any logistics channel. Benefit from the Universal Postal Union and the Kahala Postal Organization (KPG). For example, parcels from China to the US typically arrive within 15 days. According to incomplete statistics, 70% of China’s export parcels go through the postal system, of which about 50% come from China Post. Other China Post, such as Hongkong Post, Singapore Post, etc.https://www.dantful.com/services/


2. International express delivery mode

It refers to the four major commercial express giants such as international express companies DHL and TNT. Through their own global networks, they use powerful IT systems and provide localized services around the world to provide overseas users with excellent logistics experience when purchasing Chinese products. For example, a package sent to the United States via UPS will arrive faster than 48 hours. However, high quality service is expensive.


3. Home delivery mode


Domestic express delivery mainly refers to EMS, SF Express and “four links and one delivery”. As far as cross-border logistics is concerned, Shentong YTO in the “four links and one delivery” has an early layout, but it has only recently made efforts to expand. For example, Shentong in the United States was launched in March 2014, and YTO did not cooperate with CJ until April 2014. Hantong cooperated, but only soon began to expand.


4. Special logistics mode

The international logistics of cross-border special lines is generally transported abroad by air freight and through the cooperative company of the destination country. The advantage of hotline logistics is that it can concentrate a large amount of transportation to a certain country or region and reduce costs through economies of scale. So its price is generally lower than commercial express. In terms of timeliness, dedicated line logistics is slower than commercial express, but much faster than postal.https://www.dantful.com/services/


5. Foreign warehousing methods

Foreign warehousing services refer to providing sellers with one-stop services such as warehousing, sorting, packaging, and delivery at the place of sale. To be precise, overseas warehousing should include three parts: head-haul transportation, warehouse management and local distribution.


The above five modes basically cover the current logistics mode and characteristics of cross-border e-commerce, but there are also some “alternatives”. Take Belgian Post as an example, although it is a postal parcel model, it targets high-quality sellers and provides better service.

Several forms of international logistics have their own advantages and disadvantages, but which one is the most suitable for you? Welcome to consult us, Dantful Logistics will tell you the most suitable international logistics for you and provide you with the best price!

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