What are the questions about shipping drop boxes and pick up boxes?

What are the questions about shipping drop boxes and pick up boxes?

I believe that many companies that have just used international logistics do not know much about the drop-off and pre-pickup containers of shipping containers. In fact, the drop-off fee means that when the container enters the port, the container has not been opened and the container is not allowed to enter the port. The fleet couldn’t keep this box on the collection card, and there were other boxes needed, so they would find a place to put the box down, wait for the port to open, and then drag it in.


As for the pre-packing fee, under special circumstances, in order to obtain the box number, fill in the manifest or other information, it is required to pick up the box in advance, usually it is required to pick up the box in advance. The fee incurred at this time is called the pick-up box fee.https://www.dantful.com/


Regarding the difference between the two, and who pays for these fees, Baiyun.com will give you a detailed answer, hoping to be of reference value for everyone!


The difference between a pre-pickup box and a drop box:

1) Scope of action

Pre-suite boxes are usually used on shipments out of the port to the United States.
The closing fee is a kind of fee incurred when exporting.

2. Reasons for action:

The drop-off fee refers to the cost incurred when the container enters the port, due to some reasons in the port or the shipping company, the port has not yet started to receive the container, and the container has not been opened yet. https://www.dantful.com/
afford the expense:
Reservoir fee: Guest.
Drop-off fee: If it is the team’s reason, the cost will be borne by the team itself, and if the guest has a problem, the guest will be charged.

3. Detention fee:
In order to speed up the circulation of containers and avoid backlogs, shipping companies have established a period of free use of containers. During this period, the container occupying the container can be free of charge. After the period, the goods occupying the container must pay a fixed fee, which is called “detention fee”.


The demurrage fee is calculated on a daily basis. Export is generally 7 days. There is often a demurrage fee in the purchase of goods. The container can be used free of charge within a few days (such as ten days) after the ship arrives at the port, and charges will be charged if it exceeds the specified time.


Therefore, after the ship enters the port, it must complete the import customs clearance and arrange the delivery in time, and return the empty container to the designated place of the shipping company in time. The free use time of the special container is slightly shorter. Of course, different shipping companies have different regulations, and the specific date should be consulted with the freight forward.

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