What are the requirements for exporting water purifiers to China?

What are the requirements for exporting water purifiers to China?

What are the quality requirements for imported water purifiers?


As imported mechanical and electrical products, water purifiers shall comply with the relevant laws, administrative regulations and technical standards of my country on safety, sanitation and environmental protection.

What requirements should I pay attention to when importing water purifier labels?


Since these imported products are sold and used in China, it is necessary for consumers to understand and use food contact products correctly to ensure their safety, health and prolong the service life of the products.


Therefore, it is required that the labels and instructions on imported food contact products or their sales packaging should use standard Chinese characters, but not including trademarks, and should meet the following requirements:


(1) The product name, material, country or region of production, importer’s name, contact information and address should be marked;


(2) For products with a limited period of use, the period of use shall be clearly marked in a prominent position;


(3) Products that are likely to damage the product itself or may endanger personal and property safety due to improper use shall have applicable conditions, warning signs or Chinese warning instructions.


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