What qualification procedures are required to import water purifiers?

What qualification procedures are required to import water purifiers?

As mechanical and electrical products and food contact products, water purifiers must meet the relevant requirements of Chinese laws and regulations. Let’s take a look at the qualification procedures for importing water purifiers


1. What are the access conditions for water purifiers?

(1) What conditions are required for the import of water purifiers, and is a license required?

Water purifiers are freely imported mechanical and electrical products and do not require an import license. However, as food contact products, according to the Regulations on Inspection and Supervision of Imported Food Contact Products, food contact product importers or import agents (hereinafter referred to as filing applicants) may apply to the Customs for filing with the following materials as needed.


(2) What procedures do I need to go through for the record management of water purifiers?

1. “Application Form for Recordation of Imported Food Contact Products”;


2. A copy of the “Enterprise Legal Person Business License” of the filing applicant (with official seal);


3. The Declaration of Conformity for Imported Food Contact Products issued by the filing applicant;


4. The material description of imported food contact products should clarify the composition and chemical name of the main ingredients. If the material of the part in direct contact with food is different from that of other parts of the product, the material of the part in direct contact with food shall be explained separately;


5. The brand, model, origin, photos, labels and manuals of imported products;


6. For the import of new varieties of food contact products, the filing applicant shall provide relevant documents issued by the health administrative department as required;


7. Documents on the traceability system for imported food contact products.


The applicant for filing shall send representative samples consistent with the application content to a qualified laboratory for testing, and submit the test report to the customs for review in a timely manner.


The number of samples provided by the filing applicant shall meet the needs of special testing and sample retention. If the qualifications of the filing applicant, filing application materials and product testing reports have all passed the review, the customs will issue the “Imported Food Contact Product Filing Form” to the filing applicant, which is valid for 3 years.


(3) Can water purifiers be imported without prior filing?

Yes, the filing management system is selected by the enterprise according to its own needs.


(4) Does the import of water purifiers need CCC certification?

According to the “Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations”, according to the “Compulsory Product Certification Catalog Description and Definition Table (2020 Revision)”, water purifiers are not in the compulsory product certification catalog, and do not need to be certified by CCC and do not need to submit relevant CCC certification. Material.


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