What is the mode of transportation by sea freight?

What is the mode of transportation by sea freight?

There are more and more shipping companies at any time, and there are many types of ships in international shipping; different requirements from importers and exporters are required, especially for ships used to transport different types of goods.


• Ro-Ro or “Ro-Ro” ships are used to transport transport vehicles and passenger vehicles.


• Container ships are used to transport standard 20′ or 40′ containers.


• Tankers are used to transport bulk liquids such as oil and gas.


• General cargo ships will carry all types of bulk cargo.


• Bulk carriers are used to transport bulky, single-cargo cargoes such as coal, grain and ore.


Merchant ships basically operate in two ways:


• As a liner operating on a fixed route, standard rates are usually used. The industry is dominated by ro-ro, container and general cargo ships.


• Or operate as a chartered vessel, at the request of the chartering agency, the means by which the cargo is transported onto the vessel.


Often, your shipment can reach its final destination in a number of different ways. These issues can be explored in detail by discussing these issues with dantful freight forwarders who know the most cost-effective and time-saving routes.

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